It was meant to be...

I am going to have to go shopping today. There is no way around it. It was just meant to be. 

Yesterday, I posted that my new colors are going to be coral (all shades) and turquoise. 

Today, I get an email from Payless about an end of season sale. I am a sucker for Payless sales, especially if flip flops are involved. So I opened the link and scrolled through the sale and what did I find? 


And they are just $6.00 per pair. Hubby is off work today and wants me to run errands with him this morning. We will be about 4 miles away from Knoxville Town Center Mall. Guess what is in the mall?  PAYLESS! Guess what is in stock at that Payless according to their website? You got it....BOTH pairs of the shoes. I'm thinking we will be going that extra four miles so I can get these. 

They also have this cute little pair of bow shoes on sale for $15.00. I may not get them today, but they are really cute. They would go well with my new fall wardrobe plans.

It's mid-summer so I am torn about buying a purse with white on it, but we still have until Labor Day to carry white and I would always have it for next year. But I just fell in love with this darling purse and it  is on clearance for just $10.00. It is sorta similar to the one I liked on my blog yesterday. It is so different from what I normally carry, but I did say I want to change things up. I'll have to think about this. 

Of course, they had it in another pattern that I wouldn't have to put up at Labor Day, but it is not really my "pattern" of purse and if I bought it, my daughter would take it from me because it IS her style. 

They had this one other purse that I kind of liked as well. The color is a strange color, especially for someone like me who has been going so understated for years. But it is kind of cute and I think this color is supposed to be popular this year. I am loving the style. 

Lots of things on my wish list, but if I can just get the flip flops today, I will be happy. 


Linda said...

O Thou temptest me to journey to Payless! I lovest those colors! And the green purse callest my name!


Mamaw Bee said...

Alas, my trip was a bust. The turquoise flip flops were sold out. The coral were there but they were so uncomfortable that I couldn't stand testing them out. The white/tan purse was bigger than what I was looking for and the green purse was one of those "do I or don't I" moments. So I left without anything. Bummer.