A little excited today

After months and months of research, weeks and weeks of waiting, hoping and wishing...I have finally made a decision on a tablet. I started at my birthday looking into the possibilities. I wanted something that was wi-fi for two reasons. I did not want to pay a monthly connection fee to use it and my reasons for wanting one were for use when vegging out on the couch or to take on vacation to use in my hotel. Those are my main reasons and they both have wi-fi so I didn't need the added expense of a "plan" to be able to use it. 

Which one did I finally decide on? The Acer Iconia 10.1" Tablet w/ Android™ Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Operating System...and it is RED! My all time favorite color. I am thrilled. I get to pick it up this morning.

Now comes the fun part (other than getting to use it and explore how it works), I get to shop for a sleeve and accessories. First thing I want to do is order this packet of stylus pens just in case I want to use them. 

I need to buy an inexpensive sleeve for it until I can decide what type of case I want. I will probably stop by Walmart or Staples today to see what they have. These are not very expensive. 

Then I will start looking at a bag or quilted sleeve. Here are some I have found online that I like. (Obviously the gun one is NOT me but it was in the picture.)

I am very partial to Vera Bradley so that may be the route I go. 

Well, I am off to clean house then run and get my new tablet. I will probably play with it the rest of the day. Have a great weekend. 

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