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Some cute ideas

Just some cute ideas I have seen this week. Love the melted snowman cookie.

These are bathroom sinks. A little too modern for my tastes, but cute never the less. 

I love thee nails. I can't image what it would cost to have them done so mine will just have to stay solid colors, but these are still cute. 

Here is a neat way to make hairbows. 

These would be so easy to make. You could do them in such a way that you remove just the ribbon/bow area and change it out every holiday. I need to check into this.

For a simpler Christmas!  Get your holiday  decor from Old Time Pottery!

I like this one too.

Cute Christmas Wreath for the Holidays!  Get all of your holiday decor from Old Time Pottery!

This is an awesome look for nails for the holidays.

Nail Art by wearehandsome #Nail_Art #Chanel #wearehandsome

I bought some new yarn this weekend. I love the color. I need to make some type of basket for fall.


Beth said...

I love the snowman cookie!