Some good bargains

Two of my grandsons spent the night with me Friday and we had a great time together. Yesterday, there was a yard sale out my road. Since it advertised fishing stuff, I asked the boys if they wanted to go. 

I almost changed my mind when we started up the drive to the house. First off, it was beside a old weather gray house that was haunted looking. The gravel drive wound up through woods that were so overgrown you couldn't see what was at the top. The drive was full of ruts and gullies from recent rains. 

I am a born and bred hillbilly from West Virginia. I live in the foothills of the mountains in Tennessee and I am a true southerner with some redneck thrown in. But even I was a little scared to progress to the top of the hill. But when we got to the clearing, it was a nice place with a gorgeous view so we decided to stop. 

Garret is my fisherman and he was able to find him a reel in good shape for just $5.00. Caleb didn't see anything he wanted. I found a few things though.

I loved these little wooden mirrors. I am going to paint them and then paint the mirror with chalk paint and write HOPE - LOVE - FAITH in them and hang them somewhere. I'll post a picture when I do. 

I have seen these baskets before and always liked them. But just never did buy one. I decided I couldn't pass this one up. 

I bought this little basket because it was cute. Not sure where it will end up, but I just loved it. 

I call this my rescue bunny. She was laying down in a box of "stuff" and she just looked forlorn. There were hound dogs barking on top the hill so I thought I better rescue her. She has little pink flowers so she will go in my office. 

But the bargain of the day there was this antique juicer that was tossed in the ".25 junk box". It was filthy and had dirt in it like it had been tossed outside. But I brought it home and scrubbed it up and am very thrilled with it. I saw one later in the day at an antique store for $15.00.  So .25 cents and some elbow grease wasn't a bad deal. 

The boys and I went and picked up the youngest granddaughter because her mom had to work and we went to McDonald's for breakfast then on to do some shopping. After they were all happy with their purchases of the day, I asked if they cared if I stopped at an antique store that I have never been to. They were all for it and we had a great time. 

I was really amazed at how much they "got into it" when we got there. Garret and Caleb found many things that fascinated them. Garret has even decided to start collecting Coca Cola collectibles. He bought a collectors Coke bottle for the 75th anniversary of the University of Tennessee and saw several more he wants to go back and get later. Caleb found some collectible Hot Wheels and bought a NHRA dragster. Shelby didn't buy anything. She was just happy to be walking like a big girl since Mamaw didn't think to get the stroller. She rarely uses it since she is almost 4, but I worried I was insane to take a 3 year old into an antique store. But she did really good, although I would love to have a dollar for every time she said "Am I allowed to touch that?" The answer was always a resounding NO. I didn't think I would find any good deals since it was an antique store, but I was wrong. It was one of those mall type stores where people rent booths. There were tons of booths that the items had more of a flea market pricing instead of an antique pricing. 

I did find this Pyrex divided vegetable dish in the square flower pattern. It didn't have a lid but it was only $3.00 so I bought it. I might find a lid later on. 

If you visited my other blog, you probably saw my post on July 4th that I wanted to get some vintage recipe boxes. Well, I found one at the antique store. I am not sure if it is vintage or not, but the vibrant colors remind me of the vintage era so I decided to get it since it was only $2.00 and I really liked it. 

That was all I picked up yesterday, but I am sure I will go back for more. They had tons of Pyrex that were priced real reasonable, but they were just a little more than I wanted to pay yesterday. I'll keep checking back. On our way home, we were followed by storms clouds and Garret kept checking the WBIR weather app on my phone to see where the rains were. They did hold off until we got home, but after delivering the children to parents or other grandparents, I saw the weirdest clouds and later we had a downpour. 

All in all though, I made a good haul for Friday and Saturday combined. All of this below for just $9.50. I love shopping when you get a lot of goodies, have a lot of fun, but don't blow your budget to do so. 

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