Some things I've seen

I haven't been to a thrift store or yard sale in several weeks so I am having withdrawals. I spend a little time last night scouting on Craig's List and also checking out some thrift stores that posted pics on line. Here are a few things I found that caught my attention.

This really caught my eye. I have the Pyrex set of nesting bowls in this pattern. I have been looking for the Cinderella bowls to match. Someone in Knoxville has these on Craig's List for just $10.00 for the set. That is a good price. I will probably call them at a decent hour this morning to see if they are still available. 

This was a display at a thrift store in Jefferson City. I hope to make it there soon. I love the little mixing bowl in the middle. 

Look at this vintage refrigerator. Not bad shape to be as old as it is. 

I love this little drop leaf table. 

This is a vintage canister set. 

I love these glasses. But I just bought twelve glasses a few weeks ago so I think I am good for now. 

How beautiful is this?

A cute little table. I would love to have this for my Americana bedroom.

I fell in love with this sewing machine. I have never seen a blue one. 

This is another thrift store in a neighboring county. I wonder what the price on the Cinderella bowls are. 

An enlarged view of the same thrift shop. 

I love this old globe. I would like to have one for my office. 

If you follow my blog much, you will remember a couple months back I was talking about my fascination with the old wheat pattern. Can't believe someone is selling a whole set of it. 

I wish I had room for this table. It is awesome. I love the old enamel drop leaf tables. 

This just cracked me up. I remember Mom owning a pair of plastic boots to wear over her shoes. I had forgotten all about them. These are some to go over high heels. How neat was that. 

That triggered another memory. Do you recall these rain bonnets. They were so little and cute. My sister and I were forever buying them. I would love to find one just for old times sake. 

Another antique store I would like to visit. The breadbox and canister set caught my eye along with the mixing bowls on the top shelf. 

Well, I have truly made myself want to go to a thrift store today. 


Becky Jane said...

You have posted some great items...especially like the little table and fridge! It would make a cool cabinet. It's been years since I've gone yard sale-ing. Since wheelchairs don't do good on lawns, I've been unable to go. When my sisters come next week we'll hit the thrift stores though!

Creations By Cindy said...

Like it all but I LOVE that drop leaf table! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Charlotte said...

You've found some cool stuff. I believe my mother had the wheat pattern dishes. Were they once put in boxes of detergent or something? I think that is how Mother collected them.