When people can be jerks....

Sometimes I get a little sensitive and I take things that are said the wrong way. Sometimes, I just let it pass and go on but sometimes it just really bugs me. 

I recently found a Facebook group that is Pyrex group that shares their good finds and they sometimes offer items for trade. They are a wonderful group and I have seen Pyrex on there that I didn't even know existed. I loved the group....until the other day.

I am blown away at the amount of Pyrex some of the members in the group have collected. I posted a pic of my measly little collection.

I said I had just started collecting so I didn't have much yet and that the bottom three items are not Pyrex, but I like them anyway. My collection was found at yard sales and I never paid more than $1.00 for any of it. Some of it was a gift. 

A man in the group posted this remark about the picture:

That blue bar code casserole with the lid looks in good shape...total beginners luck!!

I thought the "total beginners luck" sounded a tad on the snide side, but it may not have been so I commented back that it was in great shape and was a gift from a friend of mine I met through church. I said I had never seen that pattern and found out later it was really rare. She had found it at a yard sale. 

Then he comes back with:

Well, we're all very happy for you  but just so you know...stuff like that never happens in real life....

Well, dude, it does 'cause it did. What a jerk. 

On the brighter side, I have seen some awesome Pyrex and Fire King pieces in the group that I have never seen before.

I definitely need to branch out and look in some neighboring thrift store. Our local ones never have any good stuff like this. Yet so many collectors find their stuff at thrift stores. 


Creations By Cindy said...

I love all the Pyrex too! Now...calm down, take a deep breath and let it go! The "jerk" isn't worth it. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Cathy Kennedy said...

I have some of the green & white pyrex bowls, I think or I use to. Over the years many of my nice pieces have gotten broken. I love the ones you have, though. Very nice indeed! Don't let rude people weight you down. I find it hard sometimes to properly translate someone's attitude in written form. This guy may have not intended to be rude, but it came off that way, you know? Then again, maybe he was just being mean. Go figure, right? It's like this, a treasure is a treasure no matter how you come upon it. Just keep enjoying collecting!

By the way, check out my recent post...Thank-you McGuffy Ann! You'll find some special for you in it! ^.^

Mary said...

Great collection !! Sounds like the 'jerk' is a 'JERK.'

Becky Jane said...

The poka-dots really caught my eye. I didn't know there was such a dish!

Maybe the guy was trying to say that what you had was such a cool thing that it's not something that could easily happen. In reality he might have been giving you a complement. He just didn't word it right. I'm often guilty of wording things wrong and getting myself into trouble...