Wish I had paid attention....

Do you ever glance at something that catches your eye and it doesn't register so you just dismiss it simply to regret it later? Well, that happened to me this week.

I was checking Craig's List early in the week to scout for any yard sales that may be happening in my area this weekend. There was an ad for a store called A-1 Retail that said it was going out of business and selling everything cheap. It was on the highway that runs by my house. I didn't really pay any attention to it until I saw it again on Thursday and read it one more time.

Yesterday was their last day of business and they were a second hand shop. I was out so I figured I would stop by. They are in an obscure location beside a Coke Collectibles place so I had never really even noticed they were there. I wish now I had went earlier in the week. She didn't have much left but I spend $1.50 and here is what I got. 

She had a couple of stacks of plates and I found this Pyrex dinner plate in the blue band pattern for just .25 cents. I think my sister has a cup in this pattern.

This was cute for just .25 cents as well. I couldn't figure out what it was or what it is for, but I liked it so for a quarter it was worth pick up. When I got it home I realized, it has a little divider piece so I am putting note pads in the bigger side and pens in the smaller side and setting it on my desk. Pics will follow later when I get all that done. 

I have always wanted one of these divided baskets that holds silverware and napkins. The little butterfly is tarnished so I will have to do some clean up on it, but it was just .50 cents. 

My favorite find of the day was this little bee. When I was 18 and landed my first job, my boss always said I was as busy as a little bee. So she started calling me Lil' Bee and it stuck. When my first niece started talking she couldn't say Brenda so my boss told her she should call me Lil' Bee. Well, she wasn't even two so she just called me B. Now here I am over 30 years later and I am still B to my nieces and nephews as well as most of the people at church. That is why so much of my personalized bags have B on them. This little guy was just .50 cents so I snatched it up. He will probably land somewhere in my kitchen. 

All in all, not a bad day for such a spur of the moment stop and $1.50 investment. 

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