A Foundation of Faith

A deep and abiding faith in God is the true foundation of life. It is my absolute most favorite word and instills such hope and joy in my life. Through darkest valleys and deepest fears, my faith in God has been unshakable. 

I have this little book called Learning the Word: A Made Easy Handbook on Studying the Bible by Mark Waters. It's an awesome little book. On the subject of faith he has a quote that I just love. 

"When we have an atom of faith in our hearts, we can see God's face, gentle, serene, and approving." - John Calvin

Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Israel, Rahab, Paul, Peter and many, many more have illustrated to us time and time again the importance of faith in our Lord. 

Faith can move mountains, it can calm roaring waters, it can provide a path through the darkest midnight. 

Our faith should be the one constant in our life. The unshakable foundation, the one straight path that will lead us to the rewards our loving God provides for us. 

Faith should be the very foundation of our existence. 

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