I have rubbed off on my niece.....

My niece Amy called me yesterday. She had decided to pop in to a local antique mall. While walking around it, she spotted the red Pyrex bowl to the primary colors set. Being a wonderful niece who loves her aunt very much, she called me to see if I wanted it. Uh...YES! She said you could tell it was used, but still in great shape. So she bought it for me. She lives in another state and her mom is visiting me this fall so as bad as I want it, I would rather wait a month or so than risk it being shipped. but at least I know it is mine, all mine and I will have it soon. 

The inside is in perfect condition. And since I plan to use it, I am thrilled with the shape it is in. 

Then she called me back later and said I had rubbed off on her. (She must be reading my blogs too much) because she stopped at a yard sale. Now, Amy loves a bargain and she doesn't mind scouring antique stores, but I don't believe she has been to a yard sale in five years. So this was a major statement coming from her. And how did she fair?

Five straw wreaths still in their wrappings, a lovely glass vase, a white Fire King oval casserole and a brown Pyrex casserole. Her total cost? $2.75. I have taught the child well. 

She has some Pinterest plans for the wreaths and vase. She is also working on another Pinterest project and expects to finish it in the next day or so. I know that will show up on my blog as well. 

Thanks, Amy, for my bowl and for giving me a blogging topic for today. One good thing about featuring you in my blog, your Mom will get busy to get me some more stuff of hers for another blog.

I love when you can depend on family to provide you with blogging topics.  

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