Just how bad do you want it....

Do you recall the other day when I said I would love to find some Hamilton Beach Pyrex mixing bowls? Well, I was scouting around on Craig's List and guess what I found?

Yep, that is a Hamilton Beach Pyrex mixing bowl. For sale. On Craig's List. FOR JUST $3.00! Amazing. Oh, wow!

I quickly scanned the article for the location. Could it be so easy? Could it be near me or in a part of Knoxville that I can travel to easily? Then I saw the location. Olympia. Washington. The state. The one that is plum across the country from where I am!! But I thought, what did I have to lose. I emailed the lady. Sure enough, she was willing to ship it. She was going to way it and get me an estimated cost for shipping. Well, it turns out shipping could be anywhere from $10 - $15. Which would make the bowl $13 - $18. So I had to ask myself did I really want it that bad? And the answer was no. I will just keep looking locally. I would hate to pay $18 for it and it wind up getting broken on the way here (which would be my luck.)

So I woke up this morning and decided I would check the local paper online to see if any yard sales looked like they might have vintage bowls. I have a meeting at 9:00 for Thirty-One this morning, but figured I could leave early enough to stop at a yard sale or hit it up after the meeting. So I go to The Mountain Press and what is the first article? A teacher moved from Northview (where my grandson Caleb goes) to Caton's Chapel (where my grandchildren Garret and Alexis go). So I opened up the article to read about her new classroom at Caton's Chapel and my eyes popped out of my head at the photo.

Third-grade teacher Kelly Arwood shows her students at Caton s Chapel some of the features of the classroom on their first morning back in school.

See that tiny little angel on the front row, far left. That is my sweet princess, Alexis Caroline. Made my day to see that smiling face right there on my computer screen. What an unexpected surprise and awesome way to start my day. 

Have a great Saturday. 

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Leslie said...

Keep looking my friend.. you will find the bowl! That was a pleasant surprise seeing your little grand ~ such a cutie.