Just a wee little bit behind...

My sister, Rachel, and I have been collecting the Pyrex nesting bowls in the primary colors. We started off with me being in the lead since I owned the yellow one. It came with my hubby when I married him.  He laughingly asked me the other day if I stayed with him for the past 31 years so I wouldn't lose the yellow Pyrex bowl. Thanks to him and his bowl, I had my set started before Sis.

But before long she had collected the yellow as well along with the one other, which I think was the green. Since she had the most pieces, we were trying to find her the ones to complete her set first. Both of us have been looking for over a year and we didn't want to pay the high prices of E-bay and most of the antique store had them in sets and they were expensive and the sets couldn't be broken down. It has become a personal project of Rachel's to finish this set and she has told everybody she knows to keep their eyes open for the remaining two bowls, red and blue, that she needed.

Well, Saturday my sister was at her camper for the weekend. Her phone rings and it is Mom. Mom precedes to tell her that the lady next door is having a yard sale and when Mom walked over their, she saw the blue and red primary Pyrex bowls so she bought them. She paid $2 for one of them and $1 for the other one. Needless to say, Rachel is beyond thrilled and I am so happy for her. Now we can all start looking for me the three I need so I can have the set as well. Rachel sent me a picture of her set and check out how gorgeous it looks. Aren't they beautiful?

She told Mom to go back and get any other Pyrex they had so Mom found her this as well. 

On another note, I got a text from Rachel's daughter, my niece, Amy yesterday. She is the craft expert in the family. She always has some neat project she is working on. She has already started on her Christmas crafts. She saw an idea on Pinterest and made this for Christmas. Don't you just love it?

Mom was telling me that she made a Christmas picture frame tray the other day. But I have to wait until somebody goes by there to get a picture and text me since Mom doesn't do texting. Her inspiration was an idea I saw on Pinterest. She has completed her project and used candy cane material for the "picture" and is making a candy cane candle to set on it along with a candy dish of Starlight peppermints for Christmas. Can't wait to get pictures. 

Picture frame turned tray! 


Creations By Cindy said...

Love the colors of those bowls! Don't ya just love the idea of the frame with handles? Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Beth said...

Your mom got an excellent buy on the dishes.

Amy said...

I have some mixing bowls w/ handles in that pyrex brown woodland pattern, they are my favorite bowls. I'm currently working on a couple of different projects, wait until you see them =)

Rachel said...

I will text you a pic of Moms project when she finishes it. We will be working on completing your Pyrex bowl set now. I hope it doesn't take a year! Lol!