Red and Black

 I love red and black in the winter. That has always been my "signature" color. I have several sweaters and tops for winter in blacks or red. Black is very slimming and I need all the help I can get. 

I had done a post earlier about how coral and turquoise were going to be my colors this fall. And I am still trying to find some things I like in those colors. But now that the new fall Thirty-One catalog is out and I am seeing all the red and black they have added, I am pretty sure that is still going to end up my favorite colors for fall and winter. I was looking on the internet yesterday and found several things that hit my fancy.

I have always loved flannel shirts and the red and black has long been a favorite pattern of mine. 

Fell in love with this coat. I am notorious for not liking to wear a coat in the winter, but I would sooo wear this if I had it. 

This is  a cute little bracelet. 

This is a cute outfit even though I would prefer jeans with no holes or patches. 

Love the sweater, coat and purse. Definitely not a fan of the boots or hat. 

This is a cute scarf and hat set.  
Love the shoes even though I couldn't walk in them. 

I need new tennis shoes this fall. Maybe I should go with some red since I am planning on wearing so much of it. 

These are so comfortable looking. They would be cute with jeans. 

Love the boots.

I am not normally a cardigan person, but I do love argyle. 

A very whimsical pair of Puma's that would also be cute and comfy with jeans. 

I love this sweater. 

And this one. Fair Isle sweaters are my absolute favorites. 

This one is cute. 

And I love this look. 

Wouldn't mind finding one like this. 

In my searching, I found some cute things, some not so cute things and one pair of shoes that was so hideous, I had to show them to you.

Seriously??? Nike high heels. Here's a thought for you Nike....stick to tennis shoes! Just do it!

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NITA said...

I like red and black too, especially black. I love the colour turquoise, especially in home de core along with purple.