Yard sales, Pinterest, and the one that got away

Because of Hubby's work schedule now, his days off are Thursday and Friday. I've been planning my week around that so we can both take Friday off together. Yesterday was an awesome day.

It started off with a few local yard sales. I picked up some cute things. 

Like this little basket for Christmas. I am either going to use it for Christmas Cards we receive or to put Christmas napkins in. 

Love this clock. It's not old, but it gives the illusion of an antique clock. I needed a clock in my office and just couldn't find one I like....'til now.

I didn't find any Pyrex, but I did find this oval vegetable bowl from Glasbake in their blueberry pattern. I really like the pattern. I paid $1.00 for it, but saw it online for $12 and $20 so I guess I got a good deal. 

This was just too cute to pass up. It's a miniature cookbook in a wire basket. 

And I knew right where I wanted to sit it. 

You remember I am on the hunt for recipe boxes. That is my newest collectible item. I wanted a wooden one. Well I found one. They had painted it red, but I really liked it. It's a lot like the brown one Mom had when we were growing up. 

Total spend at yard sales today....$4.25. Not a bad day. 

As we were driving by a storage unit, we saw someone having a yard sale. When we stopped, it was my neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus. I picked out these three books and Santa wouldn't take my money. So I took him a bag of cherry sweet 100 tomatoes when I got home as a thank you. Going to try a recipe for crunchy cranberry muffins. I'll share it when I do. 

After the yard sales, we headed to the new Publix Market and the new Kroger Market in Knoxville. Since I left my phone in the car, I didn't get any pictures. But just let me say two things. Publix Market? WOW! Kroger Market? Not so much. The Kroger was nice and they do have a super duper houseware department, but nothing else much different from a regular Kroger. But Publix? I will have to return with my camera one day to do it justice, but I could spend all day in the cheese, deli, bakery, produce area. Unbelievable. 

We journeyed from there to AC Moore. I have started collecting items for my Pinterest challenges I plan to make for fall. My pledge is to complete one project per weekend. I need ribbon or material for this project still and some kind of fall button. I'm going to Joanne's and Walmart today to find what I need. 

The one that got away....

Well, actually I let two things slip by me yesterday, despite hubby telling me to get them. The first was a roll of ribbon at AC Moore. I really liked it and I thought it was exactly what I wanted for another Pinterest project. But I wasn't real sure and the price was $3.99 (yes, I am cheap when it comes to my crafts). And I knew Walmart ribbon was cheaper so I didn't get it. When I got home and was looking at my Pinterest challenge folder, I realized that it was EXACTLY the ribbon I wanted for this project. I may go back to AC Moore and get it today. I am so mad for leaving it there. 

Well, off to see what today might bring. 

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Beth said...

I love garage sales!! You found some wonderful things!