15 Faves Under $5

I've been scouting around Etsy again. I have found some cute vintage items for under $5.00. Here are Fifteen Favorites. What amazed me that a lot of the items had shipping of just $1.00 or $2.00 which still kept them under the $5.00 mark. 

This vintage vegetable peeler caught my eye because it was in my sister's favorite color for her kitchen. This was just $2.00.
Kats Kaleidoscope

These little vintage coasters are cute. They were $3.25 for a set which I don't guess was too bad. 

I also liked this set of linens. These were just .20 cents, but I forgot to see what shipping was. 

I fell in love with this pink tray. I don't know why I am liking trays so much any more but this one was really cute. The tray was just $1.80. Not bad. 

They also had a cute green one which was also $1.80

I love tins. I have a few in the kitchen, living room and office. This one would be a lovely addition to the kitchen collection. Just $2.00 is a good deal on a tin. 

I have been collecting vintage recipe boxes. This one would be cute to own. The price on the box is $4.00, which is a little expensive to me since it is kind of beat up, but I do like it. 

I found a Grecian Pyrex gray pattern the other day that I really liked. Etsy has this same pattern in a green. The price is $2.25 which isn't a bad price for Pyrex dishes from what I am seeing everywhere. 

A couple of nice Melamine bowls. They were $2.50 for the set. I still keep hoping to find some with designs at a yard sale or antique store. 

A unique shaped Ball jar. Wonder why they don't make them like this anymore. I like it but thought a price tag of $2.50 when there was no lid, was a little steep.

I really like this little bowl. I have on in solid gold from Pyrex Vision Ware set, but this is too cute. A price of $2.95 for any Pyrex is a good deal. 

And this is called a Pyrex butter bowl. I didn't even know there was such a thing. It was $3.00. I wonder if they came with lids or not?

This is just a plain white custard dish, but for some reason I am really liking the basic white in dishes and such. It was $2.00.

This is a Taylor Smith Taylor pattern that I really like. I need to find out what it is and find some stuff in this pattern. It is precious. The price is $2.50.

And last, but not least, vintage Tupperware Cookie cutters. It said it was a turkey and a gingerbread man, but I have never seem a GB man that looked like this. They were $2.50 for the pair. 

What have you been finding lately?

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Creations By Cindy said...

Love all the finds. Do share what ETSY site. Hugs and blessings, Cindy