A good visit

We visited Double R Farms yesterday and as usual, we weren't disappointed. I am not sure what it is about that place that draws me to it, but I know that when I leave I always feel better. 

There is something nostalgic about visiting a small country produce store where the owner knows your name and cares enough about his neighbors to spend a little time visiting with you. That's how it is when you go to the Double R Farms. The proprietor, Roger, always takes the time to make you feel welcome. He is still filling the shelves and every week we go there, he has added something new. 

There is a wide variety of fresh produce. Lots of opportunity for fresh veggies without having to spend hours and weeks in the garden. We actually had some of the cucumbers with fried chicken, potatoes and corn for supper last night. Now that is a good country meal. 

Hubby got a few of the muscadine grapes and said it tasted like he was eating Welch's grape juice. He declared them delicious. 

There is a variety of jellies to choose from, proudly carrying the Double R Farms label.

And some pure mountain honey made from mountain wildflowers in North Carolina. 

Next visit, I am going to pick up some blackstrap molasses to make some gingerbread this fall and maybe a jar of sorghum. 

We bought some of this Holy Smoke Barbecue sauce last week and it is delicious. The chow-chow is a recipe from Roger's family. He let us sample some of the pickles and they have a good heat to them. Very different from what a normal pickle but very good. He even has some gluten free products for those who need to watch their diet. 

And what country store is complete without a big barrel of raw peanuts in the shell along side a candy stand.  

If you like country ham, Roger assures me this is the best ham you will ever eat. He was talking about ham and biscuits while we were there and it made me want to hurry home and cook something. 

I was pleased to see one of our church cookbooks on the shelf. There are some great recipes in it and I have had the benefit of tasting a lot of them at church gatherings. 

Roger's pumpkins are in and his wife has already tried some out for a pie that was proclaimed to be "mighty tasty". 

There are a few watermelons left to finish off summer. 

One thing that fascinated me was Roger's Recipe Line. He has printed up some recipes that can be made using some of the products and produce he sales. See one you like? They are numbered so just let Roger know which one you want and he will print it out for you on the spot. I think I am going to nickname it "Recipe Row". 

And if you are lucky, Roger will pull down the guitar and pluck you a verse or two of one of his favorite songs, I'll Fly Away. 

He got his label in for his private labeled bottled water. The water should be arriving soon. I am very excited about this because there is a little story to go along with the water. I'll be sharing it soon so stay tuned to see what is so important about this water. 

Guess you could say we had a good visit at Double R Farms. Hope you enjoyed your virtual visit with me. 

Y'all come back now. 


Leslie said...

I agree... there is something nostalgic about visiting the farm. I love "I'll fly away!!".... it would be a pure treat to hear that. Happy Saturday.

Rachel said...

Looks like my kind of place. I will have to visit it next trip down. Have a good day!