Fall is in the air

Nothing says fall like fresh produce on the shelf, bushels of apples, and fresh mums. My favorite place to visit, Double R Farms, had all of those when I went there on my weekly trip. 

The mums were in various stages of bloom and the colors were fabulous. 

I love this little rooster planter. 

And when you enter the store, Mr. Scarecrow is there to welcome you. 

As summer winds to a close, there are still some melons to be found. 

And these were the prettiest peppers I had seen all summer. By the way, did anybody besides me grow up believing these were called Mangoes? It might have been a WV thing, but we all called them mangoes. I didn't know till I married my hubby that they were actually called bell peppers. I am not sure why they were called mangoes because they look nothing like a mango.

The tomatoes and cucumbers are still some of the best around. 

His potato and onion section keeps growing. Notice the little bags of fresh garlic?

These are some good looking baking potatoes. 

The price on the small potatoes is unbelievable. Just .37 cents per pound. These make great fried potatoes. 

I am obsessed with the peanut barrel. I think that just add a country charm to it when you walk up to the counter and see the big tub of peanuts. I need to suggest a big tub of pickles to go beside it. 

But the highlight of the day was the apples. Big, crisp, juicy apples. It is very rare around here to find Rome apples (right). I am thrilled to know Double R carries them. We make apple butter every year and I like the flavor and consistency best when we use the Rome apple. I'm going to special order a bushel or two when we get ready to make the apple butter. The ones on the left are Macintosh. If you are southern, you have probably had cooked apples at least once in your life. I have always found that the Macintosh is the absolute best apple for cooked apples. 

Double R has announced that they are planning a craft fair for October 13th. They are looking for crafters who have southern, primitive or country crafts they would like to sell. They have 14 booths available. Anyone interested in one of the booths can contact Double R at Info@doublerrfarms.com or call 865-933-0862.

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