Friday Favorites from Mamaw Bee

In my many meanderings on the internet this week, I got stuck on E-bay and couldn't seem to get away from it. The end results was I clicked a lot of items on my "watch list". When an item is under $10 including shipping, I like to watch it to see where it goes. I saw a few things at .99 cents with no bidders and low shipping and a few things with just one or two bidders with a low bid and low shipping. Thought I might just watch them to see how they go and maybe even venture a bid on one or two. And I'm sure a lot of them will go for way more than I would pay. Here was what I liked....

This Pink Gooseberry Casserole Pyrex. I wish it had a lid. But if the price was right, I would order it and look for a lid later. Ever since I made a blackberry cobbler in my snowflake one, I have been look for more of this size. 

As you know, I love nesting dolls. They actually have some good deals on auction right now. This Santa would be great for Christmas because I collect Santa's of all shapes and sizes. 

Nesting Santa's

I was in a school performance of The Nutcracker in second grade. I was a sugar plum fairy. So I love anything with nutcrackers. 

How cute are these for Halloween?

Or these for Thanksgiving...

I love this Nestle Toll House tin. 

Nestle Tollhouse Cookie Tin

I love this pattern. They are selling the cups individually. But I just loved the look of an entire box of Pyrex cups....still in the box!

I have yet to find me any fridgies with lids that are in usable shape at a decent price. This one goes with one of the patterns I'm collecting.

Pyrex Spring Blossom Fridgie

I like this pattern. I would love to get some golds, oranges and browns for fall decor. Right now, I mostly have blues and greens and one brown and one pink. Need to keep searching. 

Town and Country Pyrex Casserole

I loved this ad from 1954. Especially because it shows the set of bowls in the Primary colors. That set goes in most antiques stores for $60 - $75 or more. In this ad, it looks like it sold for $3.50. 

1954 Pyrex Magazine Ad

This is one of the patterns I am trying to find for fall. 

And I really wish I could find a fridgie like this one. Love the cat.

Early American Fridgie

I didn't know that Pyrex at one time had a Christmas Plate pattern. 

Holly Berries

Here is another one of those casserole dishes I am loving. 


And another one. This one is in one of the patterns I am collecting. Love it. 

Colonial Mist

This is one of the patterns that I have not been able to find. If I ever do, I hope it is at a good price because I love this pattern. 

Daisy Sunflower

And last, but not least, is this pretty little casserole dish. I have been seeing this pink round casserole a lot on websites lately, but have never seen this exact shape in person in any patterns. I would love to get my hands on one of these. 

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