I have got to get a camera...

I need a new camera. Well, really, I need a camera ... period. I don't have one. Something happened to mine several months ago and I have never replaced it. I use my phone for all my photos, but when you go to a family gathering with no camera you feel bereft. My daughter took pics yesterday, but I have to get them from her to see if find some to post of the party. I want one of those compact ones that you can just drop in your purse to take everywhere you go. I really like the looks of this one, but not sure how big it is. 

I did get a couple of pics on my phone yesterday but one was too blurry and the other one was a look that even scared a grandmother so I guess I will wait and see what my daughter got. 

In the meantime, I was thrilled to pieces over a couple of things that happened this weekend. First off, I was driving down the road the other day and saw one of those little roadside flea markets with four or five booths. I decided to pull off the road just to take a quick peek.

The first booth (do you call them booths if they are on the side of the road?) I walked up to had a set of Hazel Atlas Vintage 1950's White and Turquoise Coffee Cups. I have loved this pattern for a long time, but I have never in all my exploring of thrift and antique stores found anything by Hazel Atlas. Imagine my excitement at finding the set for just $3.00 total. I am beyond thrilled with them. 

I was so excited about these that I was over my moodiness at not finding any Pyrex lately. I haven't had time to go looking. I had planned on it Saturday, but the day got away from me. I was getting moody because I couldn't remember the last time I found me some new Pyrex. 

Well, one of my sweet friends from West Virginia popped down for a visit to the mountains this weekend and came to church Sunday morning. She told me she had me a little gift in the car. We walked out to get it and my oh my! was I thrilled. 

First off, was a small Cinderella bowl in the Spring Blossom Crazy Dazy Pattern. I have some bowls in this pattern and was looking for more to add. 

The next item was the Colonial Mist bowl. This is the pattern I had years ago that we got rid of...way before I started collecting Pyrex. I have been looking everywhere for something in this pattern. This is now my favorite Pyrex bowl I own. 

If you will recall I am trying to get all the bowls in the primary color set. I had the yellow already since Hubby had it when we got married. Then my niece found me the red. Now my dear friend has presented me with the blue. That just leaves the green one and my set will be complete. And so far, all my pieces have been free. You gotta love it. 

So all-in-all it was a fantastic weekend for vintage finds for somebody that never got a chance to go look for anything. 


Rachel said...

That is the camera I have. Mine is also that color. I love it. You would really like it. Love the Pyrex.

ThrifterSisters said...

Those Hazel Atlas mugs are great! Love the turquoise color of them and you can't beat that price. Love the Pyrex too (of course).


Mamaw Bee said...

Rachel, can't believe I picked the camera you have. But then again, as sisters we do like a lot of the same things.

Mamaw Bee said...

Erica, I was beyond thrilled. Especially with the little blue primary bowl. I have the yellow, the red is on the way to me from my niece. Now I just need to find a green.