Plans for the day

I was in charge of crafts and dessert for Pre-K Sunday School today. I went to Hobby Lobby and Walmart to get some ideas. I ended up with brown pipe cleaners, sparkly leaves and ribbon.

They love using glue dots so I thought they could take these supplies and make a little fall wreath. I had to try one first so I could make sure it would work. 

I picked up Angel and Mr. Crow at Walmart for .97 cents each. We are going to be studying Zacchaeus and the tree for the next few weeks. I thought they could be used as puppets for a little puppet show about why he climbed up in the tree. Wrote a little script for it and just have to run it by the Teacher to make sure it is okay. She is so much fun to work beside that I'm sure she will love it. 

For snacks, I decided to go simple with the new Halloween Oreos and some Goldfish. That way we have some orange for the Harvest colors in snack time as well. I bought the Oreos yesterday and then last night I saw the new Oreo ad in my Family Circle magazine. Whoever came up with this ad has a brilliant marketing mind. No words, just this picture and at the bottom of the page it had the Oreo logo. I just loved this. 

Staying with my orange theme, I made Hubby an orange pound cake with orange glaze yesterday. Oh my goodness! It was a Duncan Hines Orange Supreme cake mix. All you do is take the regular cake mix and reduce the water to 1 cup instead of what the box calls for and add one more egg than the box calls for. The bake it for 40-50 minutes at 350 degrees. To give it more zing, I put the grated rind of one orange in the mix. The glaze is confectioner's sugar and more grated rind with the juice from the oranges. You just use enough juice to get it the consistency you want. We like it to stick to the cake so I don't make it too runny. I poked holes in the cake so it leaks down in it some to make it a moister cake. 

Today is Alexis's actual birthday party. I'll be heading over to my son's house after church. 

He is going to grill hamburgers and hotdogs. Call me crazy but all I have thought about for the last two days is getting a grilled hotdog today. My hubby loves to grill but he rarely eats hotdogs any more and when he does, we hate to fire up the grill just for two hotdogs. One of my favorite foods is a grilled hotdog with mustard. Nothing else. Just hotdog and mustard. I can't wait for lunch. 

I hope to get tons of pics of the grandkids today. Could I be so lucky to get one really good one of all 5 together with none of them being distracted. A grandmother can always hope. 


Leslie said...

Grilled hotdogs sound great! What a fun craft for the kids.. soo cute. Happy Sunday.

tammy doane said...

great craft idea! I teach 3-5 yr. olds in Wee Worship at church. I am going to borrow this craft. Thanks!
Go ahead and eat your grill hamburger and hotdog.