Some New Discoveries

I received a new catalog in the mail last week, Home at Five. The items were rather expensive, but I did like these bottles. 

And these pillows

 And this clock.

I spent some time on Pinterest this past weekend. I saw one item that made me stop and ask Why? Seriously, I love to decorate and I love neat stuff, but fancy hangers in a closet that nobody sees but me? I don't think so. 

And this one gets a big fat NO WAY from me. It talked about wanting pretty nails but hard to do one hand or the other, depending on if you are left or right handed. They suggested you paint the nails the way you want them on a Ziploc bag then peel it off and put on your fingernail and cover with a top coat to "set" it on your nails. Excuse me? It is hard enough for me to get the time to paint my nails, much less make it such a detailed process. And wouldn't one mess up while you were doing the next one? 

Now I did like this. I am not a talented person when it comes to drawing or art, but I think I could do this with the help of stencils. It is small art canvases and they painted them and tied a ribbon to look like Christmas gifts. How cute. 

I recently talked about doing something in my laundry room. First step is to replace my wall coat rack which is cheap white plastic. Wouldn't this be cute in the laundry room? Assorted painted outside faucet handles on an old board. 

And I fell in love with this outfit....only flat heeled ankle boots and no scarf. 

This is a cute idea. Do you ever have a votive jar or glass vase that you want to put a candle in and need some filler around it? They spray painted coffee beans to use as a filler. Love it. Apparently used a chrome type paint, but you could use any color you wanted. 

What's been catching your eye lately?

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