Some things I want to do....

These are so adorable. I saw them at a store in Gatlinburg. It is nothing but an Altoid candy tin covered with paint or scrapbook paper and some ruffles. Inside is a little note pad and small pencil. Inside the cover is a little poem about praying. 

One of my favorite blogs is Two Junk Chix. You need to pop over and check out their post for Halloween Wands. I have got to make some of these. 

And I saw this sign at one of the stores in Gatlinburg, but can't remember which one. I am going to make my rendition of this and put it on display with my Halloween wands. How cute would that be. 

I may make some crafts this weekend. We'll see. Hope everybody has a good weekend. 


Kim said...

Love the little prayer boxes and the wands. Show us your finished results.

Beth said...

Very nice crafts. The first one really caught my eye.


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