Top 10 Awkward Moments

...when you are driving down the road and honk and wave like a maniac at a friend....only to realize it wasn't them.

...when you pull into the gas pump and you are on the wrong side...so you pull out, circle around and pull back in....and you are still on the wrong side...you finally get parked, go in and pay...then you go back out, get in your car and leave....without pumping your gas!

...you place a fast food order, you drive up to the window and pay, they tell you to pull to the next window and you drive off forgetting to get your food. 

...you order a Wendy's single with cheese, pickle and mustard...and you are at McDonald's. 

...you get the giggles when it is not appropriate to laugh and the more you try not to laugh, the harder and louder you do until you actually snort.

...you go to the self-checkout at the grocery store...you scan all your groceries and you see your total...the machine won't take your money...you get the cashier to help and she simply presses the "Pay Now" button.

...you are walking in the middle of the mall and trip and almost fall...and there was nothing in the floor.

...you run outside to get something out of your car real quick in your jammies because it's early and nobody will see you...only to walk off the porch and hear your neighbor say "Good Morning"

...you run into an acquaintance in the store and simply smile hello because you know that you know her from somewhere, but can't remember where...seeing your smile, she stops and proceeds to ask about the family, work, church and then proceeds to tell you what is going on in her life...after 10 minutes conversation she hugs you goodbye, tells you it was so good to see you again and goes on her way...you turn to hubby and say "What was her name and how do we know her" and he has no clue. 

...you see your turn up ahead and you try and try to get into the other lane so you can turn...only to get there and realize that is not your turn...your turn is in the lane you were originally in so now you have to try and try to get the same people you were slowing down to let you BACK into their lane.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, yes, these are all things I have done (some more than once). I apparently tend to get distracted and don't think clearly. Can I blame it on being 55? 

Please tell me you have done at least ONE of these so I won't feel like so alone.

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