Unexpected Blessings

I love little surprises. Those times when you have just been rushing hither and yonder, doing this and that and then out of the blue, you get a little surprise. 

Sunday I went to Sunday School and while I was getting ready for our program, one of the church members came to borrow me for a few minutes to go with him to see his wife. They handed me a present. I was floored. I love this couple to pieces. They are very special to me and my hubby. Being a typical girl, I ripped off the paper and found this pretty box.  

When I opened it, it contained this beautiful necklace and earrings. I have a blue sweater this exact color and can't wait to wear them together. 

Then when I came out of choir and was heading back into the sanctuary, someone pointed out a bag with my name on it. It was a gift from my Secret Sister. She leaves me the most amazing gifts. I love the little box it is in. 

It was assorted Bath and Body antibacterial hand gel in their new fall fragrances. Awesome! 

You just gotta love those little surprises!


Linda said...

What awesome friends! I love the necklace set. (:>)

Rachel said...

The necklace set is gorgeous! I love the new Bath and Body fragrances. Those kind of surprises are great!