Wacky Wednesday

Sometimes I see things when I am out and about that are just a touch on the wacky side and bring a smile to my face.

This past week, Hubby and I stopped at the local Co-Op simply so we could check these out. He thought they were storage buildings of some kind and I thought they were children's playhouses. Nope. We were both wrong. They are chicken coops. Yes, that is right...Chicken Coops! When did chickens start living in such style. If I were a chicken and had a house like this, you would never hear anybody say I flew the coop. I told Hubby it almost makes me want to raise chickens just so I could have one of these cool little houses for them. He said knowing me, I would probably try to decorate it for them. 

When I was at Walmart, I found the cutest fleece blankets. They have some really wild and wacky patterns. I love the geometric designs, the peace signs, the animal prints. They are really cute and they are only $2.88 each. I have so many fleece blankets already, but I am debating going back and getting some of these just because of the variety of patterns. The grandkids would love them. 

But the wackiest thing I saw this past weekend had to be my four year old granddaughter, Shelby. I went shopping with my daughter and we were looking at Halloween costumes. We hear "Look at me. I'm a pop star." and when I looked over at her, this is what I saw. 

Yes, I am pretty sure that gets first place prize on Wacky Wednesday. 


Kim said...

One of my friends in Maine has a fancy chicken coop, and it is decorated. Even has curtains :)

Mamaw Bee said...

That's funny Kim. I would want to do that same thing.

Creations By Cindy said...

Man, what a chicken coop! Now I would call that living in style!
Laughing at the cuteness of the grand! Looks like something my grandson would do cause he is the clown of the fam. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

Clairity said...

Wow, those look like luxury resort chicken coops LOL.

Beth said...

Very classy chicken coops.