Wrapping up the week

It's been a busy week. I ran some errands earlier in the week and the morning sky was beautiful. 

I ended up in Jefferson City one day so I went ahead and picked up the Pyrex Vintage plate that I've had my eye on. It was just $2.00. I should have bought more, but hubby decided he didn't like them as much as the plate he uses now. So I just got one for me for those times when he's at work and I'm eating alone. 

 I had to get gas one day and stopped at a gas station I had never been in. For weeks, I have been craving sour hard candy but couldn't find any. In the gas station, I found these. They were all the rage when I was in school in the late 60's, early 70's. They are an oval shape hard candy that is filled with fizzy sour stuff. They are so awesome. I haven't had them in years. They even beat Lemon Heads for sourness. 

I stopped in Staples to pick up a notebook. I can never just "stop in Staples." I have to checkout and see what they have. I found a whole new section of new Avery products that are really neat. 

They have these cute gift bags....

...containers and boxes....

...and gift jars. 

Then they have a whole new line of labels to decorate the jars, boxes, tins and bags. 

Great ideas for gifting baked goods during the holidays. I'll have to remember these. 

We had our weekly visit with Roger at Double R Farms. He had just gotten in some fresh garlic.  

Thirty-One shipped my Timeless Memory Pouches and they arrived this week. They are a lightweight polyester with a draw string. The big one is about 13" x 15" and the little one is about 6" x 7". They come two to a set for just $5.00 for the set. Not a bad deal. Stop by my other blog at Visits with Bee and leave a comment for a chance to win a set of these. These are in the new patterns Organic Poppy and Black Pick Me Plaid. 

And this is the Say it Taupe and the Patchwork Paisley. 

Yesterday was a fantastic day. I picked up Alexis after school for her birthday shopping and birthday dinner with me. We had a blast. She chose Applebee's which is where she and I love to eat. As we sat there talking, I couldn't help but admire what a beautiful little 8 year old was sitting there with me. 

She picked chicken tenders and fries for her meal and shared some of my potato skins. Of course, being a true born and bred southern gal, she told the waitress she wanted sweet tea for her drink. She loves her sweet tea. 

She had told the waitress it was her birthday and toward the end of the meal the wait staff all appeared at our table singing happy birthday and presenting her with a free Sundae, which I might add she scooped up every bite of. A grandmotherly lady setting behind us came over and gave Alexis a hug and told her Happy Birthday and gave her $2.00. It was so sweet. There are still good people in this world. 

We went and did some shopping afterwards to get her birthday presents from me and Papaw. She knew exactly what she wanted. I have to get it wrapped up today so I can take it to her birthday party tomorrow. I found myself this sweater yesterday. I just love it. Argyle has always been one of my favorite patterns. I can't wait to wear it. 

I've got a busy weekend. A little bit of shopping to do today and then this afternoon I am going to turn my kitchen from spring to autumn. Hubby wants me to bake him an orange pound cake with orange glaze so I'll be sharing that recipe one day next week with you. After that I'm going to clean out one of my closets and move rearrange my craft/office room .... again. One of these days I will get it the way I want it. I have to wrap Alexis's presents for her party tomorrow. Tomorrow will be church in the morning and her birthday party in the afternoon. Sounds like it might be Pizza Hut delivery for supper tonight with so much to do. 

Have an amazing weekend.

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