Lady Face Vases

This past summer I saw a few planters at yard sales that were the vintage ladies heads flower vases. I started to get them but didn't. I don't know why when I see something I like, I don't just go ahead and get it. Now I am seeing these lovely ladies everywhere and wish now I had gotten the ones I saw. Here are some of my favorites from Ebay. They ranged in price from .99 cents to $3900.00.

I love the bow around her neck. 

Love the pearls.

Here is one with flowers in it. Gorgeous. 

Classic 50's with red lips and red nails. 

Very elegant. 

Adorable with the little poodle. 

Love the lavender hat. 

Simply gorgeous. 

It looks like she has pigtails with pink bows. 

But this one was my absolute favorite because for some reason it reminded me of I Love Lucy.

I may have to see if there are any yard sales going on today. I'm taking the day off to go do some running with hubby. Then I'm going to pick up my grandson Colby to take him birthday shopping and out to eat. Have a great weekend. 

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