Been Black Friday Scouting

With Black Friday less than a week away, I have been spending some time looking over the online ads. I will still look at them in depth on Thursday when the paper comes out. But I wanted to get a sneak peek. Here are some things that caught my fancy.

These are adorable. You know I love recipe boxes and these are so vintage looking. I may have to pick up some for myself as well as for a few gifts. At $3.00, they are a bargain. Call me crazy but this is the number one item on my wish list.

Another thing I want to pick up on Black Friday is a wreath and some poinsettias that Walmart has on sale. 

The sewing machine I recently was going to buy didn't work good so I didn't get it. This is a good deal but last year they had this deal and they were gone in just a few minutes. 

I am always a sucker for warm plaid jammies. And scottie dogs are always a favorite of mine. I must drop a few hints to hubby about these. 

This is a pretty good deal on this camera. We need a new one. Our went kazonk.

Well, there are some ideas for me to think about and to tell hubby about. Of course, there are times when I want something bad enough and there it sits on the shelf with an awesome deal, I just snatch it up. And when I get home, I leave it in a bag and hand it to hubby and say "Here put this with your other shopping. You are giving it to me for Christmas." Cracks him up every time.



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