I can't believe it's November

November 1st. Already. It seems like just yesterday we were dragging out the flip flops and planning vacations. I get excited about the changes of each season. But today I realized something that kind of depresses me. Garage sales are probably over for the year. I'm going to have to find other outlets for my thrifting. Our thrift stores never have Pyrex. I mean never ever. So I'm going to have to find some in a neighboring city since I won't be doing vintage hunting at yard sales till spring. 

I hope everybody had a safe Halloween. We just had two trick-or-treaters this year. No one in our neighborhood even had their lights on but us. This is discouraging since I always love seeing the costumes. My daughter had me go with her last night since Hubby was home to man the candy bowl. So I did get to see a few. But the best costumes by far were the ones my daughter-in-law made. She is very talented and I can't figure out how she even knows where to begin but they turn out awesome. Garret was a grave robber. And yes, there is just one person in the costume and that is Garret. 

Alexis was a captured mermaid. Again, only one person in the costume and that is Alexis. These are totally awesome and I don't know how in the world she can figure out how to make them.

My sister has changed some things on her front porch. She bought some placemats for just a couple of dollars and took a seam ripper and ripped one end open. Then she stuffed them with fiberfill and hand stitched it closed again. The end result were some gorgeous pillows for the front porch. 

Her swings just makes me want to curl up with a good book. 

I have got to find me some placemats to try this with. 

I'm changing my plans for this weekend and delaying my antique shopping until another week. I'm not sure what I will do this weekend. My daughter doesn't have to work and I don't have something else planned for the first time in about 6 weeks. So I am sure we will go somewhere to do some type of shopping, even if it is to get ideas for Christmas. 

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