In the South

I saw this sign last night on a friend's Facebook post. It tickled my fancy. It made me start thinking about what it means to be Southern.

Apparently the first thing that came to mind is that we have the ability to laugh at ourselves. Why else would we love a sign like this one? But it is so much more than that.

It is a spirit of living. An appreciation of life. It is knowing that when you screw up you don't try to cover up, you run laughing to your best friend and say you'll never believe what I just did.

It is faith and family and friendship.

It is courage and caring.

It is love and laughter.

It is a way of life not a location on a map.

It is taking each day as it comes, daring to dream and finding joy in the everyday moments of life.

Here in the south, when life hands us lemons we cut them up and put them in our sweet tea, set on the porch and swing in the sunset.

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