My Friday Find

Hubby and I did our grocery shopping yesterday and we were just browsing through the Christmas Candy aisle at Walmart when something caught my eye. 

First, let me say that I have loved M & M's as far back as I remember. I have a jar that is always filled with M & M's. 

Another love of mine is orange creams covered with milk chocolate. I just love orange and chocolate together. I even eat a handful of malted milk balls when I have orange sherbet. 

So imagine my delight when I found these. 

They are actually a little thicker and bigger than a normal M & M and the chocolate center has a taste of orange flavoring in it. They are by far the most divine flavor M & M has come out with in years. Best invention since peanut M & M's. If you like orange and chocolate, you need to try these. You will fall in love with them. 

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Beth said...

YUMM!! I haven't seen those in the stores yet.