Some Neat things to Share

My niece Amy has been crafting again. I wanted to share this snowman display she made using wooden spoons, paint and markers. Isn't this adorable and so easy to make. 

 She made another Christmas runner. I love this material. I need to go to wherever she gets her material. She finds the most unique patterns.

This must have been the weekend for no sew runners. I made a couple more small ones to give as gifts. I love these little nesting Snowmen. 

One of my favorite Christmas items is poinsettias. So I had to make one with this material. 

I am experimenting with what to set on it when I decorate for Christmas this week. I am thinking of this display, but not sure yet. I have a lot of Christmas material so I will be making a ton of these this week for gifts. 

I hope to get my Christmas decorating started today. I won't put the tree up until this weekend. Hubby is off Friday and I always let him do the lights. I did get all the boxes out yesterday and they are in the spare room. That should give me the push to get started.



ThrifterSisters said...

Those no sew runners are definitely a project that I can handle. I didn't acquire the sewing gene like my sister did. I finally finished decorating yesterday & will share with everybody soon!

Happy Holidays:-)


Thistle Cove Farm said...

All the table runners are pretty but the only decorating I've done is put up a couple of wreaths and put some fake poinsettia's in the Red Flyer wagon on the porch.
Merry Christmas!

Clairity said...

That poinsettia print is gorgeous. I too have a weakness for poinsettias.

everythingsewing said...

Love those tablerunners, such a perfect gift.

We have the tree up and decorated, now I need inspiration to do the rest of the house.

Does anyone do their bathroom up for Christmas?

jen @ grown in southern ground said...

love the snowmen!