Tuesday Tutorial-No Sew Runners

No-Sew Table Runners. 

You will need materials (needs to be 2" bigger on the length and width then what you want the finished product to be. 

You will need your iron and ironing board. 

Scissors, hem tape and measuring device. I alternate between a ruler and a tape measure. I actually like the ruler the best. 

Lay your material face down so that the wrong side is facing you. 

Fold in all four sides 1" and press with iron.

Unfold the sides.

One by one, lay hem tape inside the fold. 

Press down the iron per instructions on the hem tape (directions vary per brand)

Repeat for each of the four sides. You will have this on the back.

Next it is time to make the points on the ends. Measure the width of your finished product and find the middle of the material. 

Fold each side in (on the back side) to make the point and place hem tape under the edges and iron it down as you did the rest of the sides.  Repeat process for each end of the length. 

Press the final piece and you have a beautiful runner or scarf. 

I make them in many different shapes and sizes. Just simply cut the material 2" bigger in both directions and repeat the above process.A special thanks to my niece Amy for showing me hers and telling me how she did them. I hope to see your results on your blog soon. 


Clairity said...

Wow, these are so pretty. I can't sew for peanuts so I'll have to settle for admiring your fine work ;)

Rachel said...

I am going to try this. Wish me luck! 🌻