Weekend Wrap Up

My daughter and I did some shopping this weekend. While we were out, we discovered a thrift store in Knoxville that I had never been in. I decided to pop in and see what it was like. I didn't purchase anything, but I was tempted by this clear Pyrex casserole. It was just $4.98 but I am not big on clear Pyrex so I left it for some other treasure hunter to find. 

The next thing I debated over was the casserole dish by Dyna Ware. I really had to debate this one. It also was just $4.98. I have been looking for this exact shape in Pyrex, but haven't found one. But I really want one with a lid and I really want a particular Pyrex pattern in it so I passed up on it. If it is still there next week, I may get it. 

This piece was in perfect condition and had all the parts but there was no price and we don't drink coffee so I decided not to fool with asking a price. But it was a great piece for anyone who could benefit from it. 

I spent some time decorating for Thanksgiving and doing some crafts. I made my no-sew table runner for the coffee table. 

And a smaller one for a little cabinet in the living room. 

Do you recognize my candle from fall? I simply put it in a vase to change it up for Thanksgiving. 

This is my bakers rack. I love the fact that everything on this shelf except for the little candle has come from yard sales or antique stores. 

I love my little chipmunk pilgrims. I put them and a candle on a vintage oval plate from 1935 that I found at a yard sale this fall. Counting the little wooden shelf they are on, I have about $2.75 in the whole thing. 

While I was decorating, I wanted some music on so I check up in the higher music channels on Comcast. It turns out that Channel 833 is called Sounds of the Seasons and it plays non-stop Christmas music. I had it on all afternoon and evening. 

While I had the iron and ironing board set up, I decide to make one of the small 12" runners that I am working on for Christmas using scraps of Christmas material I have accumulated over the years. I think they will be cute with a little candle and/or a small candy dish for Christmas gifts. Stop back by tomorrow when I will be posting a tutorial on these. 

I am starting to receive Christmas catalogs, coupons for the holidays and magazines with great ideas. I haven't had time to go through them all so I put this little basket at the end of the couch so I could go through them while I am relaxing in the evenings. 

As if it hasn't been a busy enough weekend, my daughter called me Sunday and said she had been pinning Christmas ideas so I had to go check them out. I love this idea. Wouldn't these be cute on guests plates for a Christmas get together? Or a great gift for those unexpected drop by's that you want to send something home with them. These are just too cute. 

These were shown as gift tags, but I think they would be a great Christmas ornament for our pre-K Sunday School class to take home and put on their trees. I'll have to print this for my idea book.

I love little sausages wrapped up like pigs in a blanket. What a unique way to serve them. 

Needless to say, I have had an exhausting busy weekend. But it ended on a relaxing note. There was another gift from my Secret Sister. She must have known I needed to pamper myself after my busy weekend. What a thoughtful gift. Check out the blooming dahlia flowers. They are actually soap petals you can drop in your bath. I had such a relaxing bath that I didn't want to get out. 

 All in all, it was a pretty fantastic weekend. 

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Love the table runners.