Thoughts for Thursday

After much research, I found the right recipe for this chocolate graham cracker cake I saw on Pinterest. My schedule is finally getting back to normal so I'm going to make one of these this weekend. 

I love my children dearly and love the fact that they have a warped sense of humor just like me. I also love that they get my sarcasm. And the wonderful thing is that they married spouses who are just as warped as we are. Makes for a lot of fun and laughter at family gatherings. If you can't keep your sense of humor, I don't know how you can survive.

There were some gorgeous photos posted on Facebook this past week by Donna's Corner.  You should check out her page. I fell in love with this and it is now the background on my laptop. Can't you just picture the Mom in the house. She just finished the laundry and now she is probably sweeping the floors. It must be a beautiful spring day since she has the window open for the cool breeze to blow through the house. I can almost smell an apple pie in the oven.

Isn't this a peaceful lovely setting for a church. Imagine spending a Sunday morning in a town where you could walk to church and this is the lane you would take to get there. Talk about a great way to start your day. 

I'm sure everyone has seen the survivor bracelets everywhere. But I had never seen them with photos before. How cool is that. 

I'm not sure who wrote this, but I'm convinced they were spying on me Monday because that is exactly how my day went. I'm still not sure I accomplished everything I set out to do. 

I cracked up at this one. I remember when Daddy taught us how to do Rock, Paper, Scissors. Sometimes, we would just set for a long time and do it for the fun of it...not to settle anything. It's a lot easier to understand than the Big Bang Theory favorite of rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock. 

But my favorite thing on Facebook this week was a picture posted on my wall by my cousin Patty. Talk about torture. She was in Kentucky and went in an antique store and found this. I see several things in there that I would love to have. But with that much to choose from, how would you ever decide. Still it is a gorgeous picture and I'm so glad she sent it to me.

Saw something else interesting in the recipe world. It is a white chocolate brownie. Since I don't like white chocolate anyway and the main reason I like brownies is because they are chocolate, I can't see me making this. I would probably rename it as the albino brownie. Looks more like vanilla fudge wrapped around white cake. 


Just some things in my world.....

I am so happy with myself that last year no vacations or illnesses interfered with attending Sunday School. I received my perfect attendance pin on Sunday. 

I turned in a Thirty-One order last night and scored a new purse by reaching the incentive home office set for us. I can't wait to get my new purse. 

The weather was gorgeous here yesterday up in the high 60's if not more. I forgot to look and see. But I do know it got warm enough for me to run to town in my flip flops. Oh, sweet heaven!

I went to a Pampered Chef party last night at a friends house. It was soup and slippers and we all wore house shoes during the party and it was so much fun. We had chicken Parmesan soup. It was delicious. It had chicken, croutons, garlic and herb seasoning, marinara sauce, chicken broth and petite diced tomatoes. It was topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. The whole think took about 15 minutes in the microwave. It tasted like a chicken pizza in a bowl with breadsticks. I am the world's pickiest eater and I couldn't quit eating it. Click here to watch the video on how to make it. 

We are under severe thunderstorm and tornado watches today. The sky was a little eerie looking this morning. A brief shower came through for like 5 minutes.

The sky is still dark, but a little sun is trying to peak through. It is supposed to come go until around 1:00 this afternoon. 

Hope today is more organized than my last two days. Try to get all the January end-of-year reports and renewals in by the deadline can get stressful. Glad it is all behind me.

Disclaimer: This is not me, but it sure is how I felt the past two days. 



Don't tell anybody but did you know that Super Bowl XLVII is this coming Sunday? 

Well, I didn't. 

I am not a sports enthusiast in any way unless my family is involved in it. Hubby is the same way. We will catch an occasional game of the University of Tennessee Volunteers since we live in Vol country. But even that is rare. 

I watched Super Bowl in my early years because Daddy and my brother's watched it. And we just had one TV with only 3 channels. But it seems like I remember it always being the Cowboys and the Steelers. And I do like seeing the Super Bowl commercials, but usually just wait until everybody talks about them and then I just check them out on You Tube. 

I keep seeing posts about Super Bowl foods and I even saw posts on Facebook about the play offs, even though I didn't pay much attention to those posts (sorry FB friends and family). 

I realized it must be getting closer, but I had to Google it to see when the game was. That's how I found out that Super Bowl XLVII is on Sunday, February 3rd. So then I had to Google it to see who was playing. When I found out that it was the 49'ers and the Ravens I had to Google to see who in the world the Ravens were. Do you see a pattern here?

So while the rest of the world sits watching to see who the winner will be, I will be on the couch reading a book with a big bowl of Junior Mints beside me. 

So go 49'ers or go Raven's. No matter who you are rooting for one thing is for sure....ONE of them will be the winners of the 47th Super Bowl in history. (which by the way I had to Google XLVII to make sure it was 47). 


Pyrex Heaven

We have an antique store in our town that has a ton of booths in it. I have never found anything there, but somebody told me they had rearranged and had a lot of new vendors. I thought maybe there might be some Pyrex there. Last time I was there, they only had one or two pieces. Wow, new vendors really changed that. The first booth I walked in had this set. 

I am not even going to try to name all the various patterns I saw. I just know I saw some patterns I have never seen in person before. I fell in love with this one. 

The next booth had a variety of patterns. 

I had never seen the brown bowl in person, but it is one I really liked. If you look closely, you will see a set of the primary bowls to the right and the yellow primary on the top. 

That same booth had tons of assort patterns. 

This was another one I had never seen in person. It is really pretty. 

Walked around the corner to the next booth ad saw this. Some prices in the booths were outrageous. For example , Cinderella bowls in this booth were $49.00....for one bowl!

But another booth had more reasonable prices such as this Cinderella for $12.99

This was another pattern I have never seen. I am going to spend some time on Pyrex Love to see what all these patterns are sometime today. 

This wasn't a bad price but it wasn't particularly a style I'm looking for. 

By the time I spotted this, I was so overwhelmed that I just couldn't decide what to get. I love this and it is very rare to find an entire set with all the pieces....especially for $14.99. I had every intention of getting it, but it was up high and I was waiting on the sales clerk to get free to help me get it. So I kept looking around and forgot to go back. I was sick when I saw it on my camera this morning. I may try to run over there later today. I just need to check and make sure that is a good deal. Anybody?

The next booth was a continuation of more Pyrex. 

And I love the little snowflake cups. 

I have never seem this pattern either and there was no price, but it was pretty. 

Finally saw some fridgies in one booth. But it had a lot of damage and no lid. 

This one was cute, but not one of my favorite patterns. Plus this booth was kind of high. 

Then I looked up on the next shelf and she had a set of 12 fridgies. But she also had a price of $69.00 and a big note that she would not break the set up. Which was a shame because at $5.75 each, I would have snatched up a couple. 

I have this pink casserole but I don't have a lid. I need to find one. This was so pretty set on the blue snowflake one. They were under $15 each which wasn't bad. 

Not sure if this was Pyrex or Corelle. But the baking dish in the middle was definitely Pyrex. 

Look at this lovely set. I wanted to snatch these up in a heartbeat but at over $100 total I had to walk away. 

That same booth had a cream and sugar for $21.95. 

A beautiful set of butterfly gold Cinderella bowls. 

They had some other items that caught my eye other than Pyrex. Like this green set of dessert cups and saucers. 

I got a little excited when I saw the set of tulip bowls for $40.00...until I realized that $40 was for the small bowl only and the prices went up from there. 

I love this old canister set.  

And this cake set. Mom had one of these and I could just imagine this one holding a two layer home made chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Yummy!

I am taking hubby back over there because they had some wonderful milk bottles at reasonable prices. 

I figure that would be a good place to go for him to start his collection.  

So, are you wondering if I actually bought anything? Yes, I did. I was thrilled when I found this little Pyrex 700 Turquoise mini casserole dish for just $4.95. I fell in love. My first piece of turquoise with no pattern. It will be gorgeous with my pink flamingo dishes. I am really loving the mini pieces they made. 

But one of my favorite finds of the day was the Hazel Atlas Red Rooster mug. I have see these on Etsy for anywhere from $14.99 - $24.99. What was my cost? $3.49. What a great find. 

I am sure I will be going back later this week with hubby.