Just loafing around....

When I first started collecting vintage Pyrex, I was buying whatever I could find, not giving a thought to how I would use them. Well, I have concluded that I like the Cinderella sets to be used to set out as serving bowls at gatherings. I like the mixing bowls...well, obviously to mix in. So now I have decided to collect some loaf pans since I would use those. Here are a variety of Pyrex, Glasbake and Fireking that caught my eye. Think of all the things I could make....meatloaf, homemade bread, lemon pound cakes, baked beans, banana nut bread, hamburger/potato/cheese casserole, lots and lots of goodies. So today, I'm obsessing about loaf pans and I just can't wait to start picking a few up here and there. Any of these lovelies would be perfect for me. 



Amy said...

Love it. The ones with the little red and pink flowers have always been my favorite.

I think I will be scanning the thrift shop for some of these for myself!!

ThrifterSisters said...

You found some great options! When I got my first couple of Pyrex loaf pans, I got rid of all of my other ones and strictly use Pyrex now. Its amazing how nicely everything cooks up in them. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you find some of your own soon!

Have a great weekend,


everythingsewing said...

You find the coolest stuff. I didn't even know about those loaf pans.

What got you started collecing?


retired not tired said...

They have certainly made some wonderful designs.