Me and Mr. UPS

My UPS guy is quickly becoming my hero. Want to know what he brought me yesterday?

That's right. The largest Cinderella bowl for my Colonial Mist set. 

I now have my cherished entire set that I've been longing for. It was the set hubby and I used the entire time our children were growing up. I got rid of it many years ago before it was popular to collect it and when we were downsizing. I have regretted it every since. Now I have the entire set again and I will never part with it this time. 

And it arrived on our first date anniversary so the day was even more special. Plus Hubby cooked us breakfast this morning and made bacon, gravy, biscuits and eggs. The gravy was served in one of the Cinderella bowls. The thing I love most about this set is that it didn't cost me anything. Two were trades from my Facebook group and two were gifts. And I collected the entire set in just six weeks. AWESOME!

I got something else yesterday, but Mr. UPS didn't deliver it. Mother Nature did.

It was raining and then around 2:30 it started changing to snow flakes mixed in. 

Within about an hour we had this. 

It just kept coming down. My poor little tree looks so sad. 

A couple hours later the guy next door brought his little girl out to play. She is about 22 months old and was having a ball (sorry I took it through the window screen. Too cold to go back out.)

It is pretty and I'm so glad I had went to the store the day before so I could stay home all day. 

About 2 hours into the storm we were hearing thunder and power outages had begun. This morning it has stopped snowing and is 29 degrees. It just might be another day of staying in all day. 


Debbie Huffaker said...

The bowls are so pretty. I got caught on in the snow "storm" yesterday. Was even outside when it thundered....scared the heebie jeebies outta me!!! ;-)

everythingsewing said...

You have me looking at my bowls now!! You sure have some pretty ones.

We live in snow country, just something youlive with around here.

Keep warm