My thoughts for the day....

It's funny how we can find things to blog about every single day. But then last night...I drew a blank. Zilch. Zero. Zip.  Not one single topic. So I thought I would just share a few recent things that have been running around my brain. 

The other night, I was on the computer and it was about 9:00 at night when I told hubby I had been wondering what a grilled peanut butter sandwich would be like. I wondered if we made it like a grilled cheese if it would be good. So he pops up out of the chair and says "I don't know. Let's see." It actually was pretty good. We tried one plain, one with jelly and one with Miracle Whip (my choice). I liked it. Need to try one with banana on it next time.

Yesterday, I started craving some of the Old Fashion Chocolate Fudge that I posted a recipe for the other day. So after supper, I whipped up a batch. I didn't think I was going to be able to make it. With all the recent baking I've done, I had forgotten to buy sugar. I needed 3 cups. Between my sugar canister and the sugar bowl, I had exactly 3 cups. There is not a granule of sugar left in either jar. But it was so worth it. 

I had a little snack of it before I went to bed last night. I normally use the candy thermometer to get it to the soft ball stage. But I broke that last month and haven't gotten around to picking up a new one yet. So I had to do it the old way of dropping mixture into a cup of cold water to see if it formed a soft ball. I was so proud of my patience. It was perfection. 

I won't be worth much today. Every time I know there is a UPS package on the way, I get so sidetracked watching for him that I don't get much done. It's just some Thirty-One supplies, but it is still exciting because it will have the new sample swatches of the new material. 

I was looking on Pinterest this morning and saw this unique manicure. One of the teens at our church has such a huge love for music and a great talent at it that I told her she needs to do this manicure. 

I fell in love with this one. The colors of aquas and turquoises are my favorite this year. 

 Bows and polka dots nails art !

I also saw a cute idea for Scentsy warmers. If you have a stuff nose but don't have a humidifier and don't want to coat yourself with Vicks Vapor Rub, simply put some in your Scentsy warmer by your bedside while you sleep. This would be great for babies and toddlers since you can't put Vicks on them. 

Just another wonderful thing about scentsy warmers. For those who dont have humidifiers - When toddler or baby is stuffed up from a cold,  since it says not to put Vicks on infants or toddlers this is an amazing way to give them relief throughout the day or as they sleep add a table spoon of Vicks and a table spoon of water to your scentsy or any warmer, bam simple and easy and effective.

I love this key hanger idea. You can buy these unfinished birdhouses at AC Moore for next to nothing and then cover them with scrapbook paper of your choice. I'm going to make two of them to match the decor in my living room. One for hubby and one for me. They are just adorable. Now I can't wait to go to AC Moore. 

Bird house key hook tutorial, great hand made gift for Christmas

Well, my mind has wandered enough for one day. Hope you have a great over the hump day. 


Pamela said...

That fudge looks awesome!one of my fav sweets! I can eat a whole batch myself.
I never thought of doing that with a scentsy warmer - clever!

Patrice said...

Love the key holder! Now don't hurt the UPS guy when he finally arrives. It won't get your packages opened any sooner.:)

Beth said...

The fudge looks delicious!


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