Pyrex Heaven

We have an antique store in our town that has a ton of booths in it. I have never found anything there, but somebody told me they had rearranged and had a lot of new vendors. I thought maybe there might be some Pyrex there. Last time I was there, they only had one or two pieces. Wow, new vendors really changed that. The first booth I walked in had this set. 

I am not even going to try to name all the various patterns I saw. I just know I saw some patterns I have never seen in person before. I fell in love with this one. 

The next booth had a variety of patterns. 

I had never seen the brown bowl in person, but it is one I really liked. If you look closely, you will see a set of the primary bowls to the right and the yellow primary on the top. 

That same booth had tons of assort patterns. 

This was another one I had never seen in person. It is really pretty. 

Walked around the corner to the next booth ad saw this. Some prices in the booths were outrageous. For example , Cinderella bowls in this booth were $49.00....for one bowl!

But another booth had more reasonable prices such as this Cinderella for $12.99

This was another pattern I have never seen. I am going to spend some time on Pyrex Love to see what all these patterns are sometime today. 

This wasn't a bad price but it wasn't particularly a style I'm looking for. 

By the time I spotted this, I was so overwhelmed that I just couldn't decide what to get. I love this and it is very rare to find an entire set with all the pieces....especially for $14.99. I had every intention of getting it, but it was up high and I was waiting on the sales clerk to get free to help me get it. So I kept looking around and forgot to go back. I was sick when I saw it on my camera this morning. I may try to run over there later today. I just need to check and make sure that is a good deal. Anybody?

The next booth was a continuation of more Pyrex. 

And I love the little snowflake cups. 

I have never seem this pattern either and there was no price, but it was pretty. 

Finally saw some fridgies in one booth. But it had a lot of damage and no lid. 

This one was cute, but not one of my favorite patterns. Plus this booth was kind of high. 

Then I looked up on the next shelf and she had a set of 12 fridgies. But she also had a price of $69.00 and a big note that she would not break the set up. Which was a shame because at $5.75 each, I would have snatched up a couple. 

I have this pink casserole but I don't have a lid. I need to find one. This was so pretty set on the blue snowflake one. They were under $15 each which wasn't bad. 

Not sure if this was Pyrex or Corelle. But the baking dish in the middle was definitely Pyrex. 

Look at this lovely set. I wanted to snatch these up in a heartbeat but at over $100 total I had to walk away. 

That same booth had a cream and sugar for $21.95. 

A beautiful set of butterfly gold Cinderella bowls. 

They had some other items that caught my eye other than Pyrex. Like this green set of dessert cups and saucers. 

I got a little excited when I saw the set of tulip bowls for $40.00...until I realized that $40 was for the small bowl only and the prices went up from there. 

I love this old canister set.  

And this cake set. Mom had one of these and I could just imagine this one holding a two layer home made chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Yummy!

I am taking hubby back over there because they had some wonderful milk bottles at reasonable prices. 

I figure that would be a good place to go for him to start his collection.  

So, are you wondering if I actually bought anything? Yes, I did. I was thrilled when I found this little Pyrex 700 Turquoise mini casserole dish for just $4.95. I fell in love. My first piece of turquoise with no pattern. It will be gorgeous with my pink flamingo dishes. I am really loving the mini pieces they made. 

But one of my favorite finds of the day was the Hazel Atlas Red Rooster mug. I have see these on Etsy for anywhere from $14.99 - $24.99. What was my cost? $3.49. What a great find. 

I am sure I will be going back later this week with hubby. 


Patrice said...

I never knew there were so many patterns of Pyrex. Wow!

retired not tired said...

I am overwhelmed by your Pyrex bowls. I would love the green glass dessert bowls and plates though I no longer collect.

Melissa said...

Goodness! I can see where you would be totally overwhelmed! Even with all the distraction you bought some great pieces!

Clairity said...

Wow, that's a lot of Pyrex. Some seem pretty pricey though, are they new? I wonder.

jennifer @ what would jen do said...

i am no in pyrex heaven. that pattern on the white teacups, my grandmother had those cups, that brings back memories, my new mission is to find those again!