Some stuff for Thursday

My hubby is one in a million. I wouldn't trade him for anything. Today is the 32nd anniversary of our first date. We met through a mutual friend who hooked us up for a blind date. She told him about me and me about him and then he called me. We had talked on the phone a few times, but had not met until that first date. It came a bad snow and I was sure he would cancel, but he didn't. We still went out to eat and to see Urban Cowboy with John Travolta. By the time the evening was over, I was in love and knew that love at first sight was possible. I even told my best friend that I wanted to marry him. Everybody laughed at me. Two months and 10 days later we got married. Now, here we sit 32 years have passed...we are still together...we are still in love...and we still think each other is the best thing to ever happen to us. He is an awesome hubby and a very loving father and Papaw. Not to mention that man of mine can really cook and he spoils me rotten. So I think I'll keep him. 

(Papaw and Alexis)

Speaking of love, I was surfing through the internet last night and found some other things I'm loving right now. I love this scarf. I found it over at Noble Knits blog. It says it can be made in 30 minutes. I may try one this weekend. I love to knit but it only holds my attention for an hour or so then I put it away for months at a time. So if I had a project I could do in 30 minutes I would be good to go. 

Since it has been too dreary to go window shopping or thrifting this week, I've been doing my "look and see what I like" on line. I found some cute things that caught my eye. I love this little cup. I am going to have to start drinking more hot chocolate so I can have a reason to buy coffee cups. They are one thing I love and yet I hardly ever use them so I don't buy a lot of them. Hubby drinks coffee but he has his one favorite cup so no need to buy any for him. 

As much as I love Pyrex, I will be the first to admit that Fireking, Glasbake, Federal and Anchor Hocking have some nice pieces as well. While I was surfing around looking at things I liked, I failed to notice who made them, but I did love this little casserole dish. I'm almost sure this is the Glasbake Onion pattern, but I could be wrong. 

Isn't this a cute little coffee cup? I love the orange tulip.

I am pretty sure this was Glasbake. I love how it has the words on the side as a pattern. 

There are some cute colors and designs in this little mug, very retro yet very modern. I don't know why I am always attracted to items with flowers on it. 

This seems to be a very popular Glasbake pattern. I have one bowl in this pattern and it is easy to find at reasonable prices in antique stores so I may get some more of it. 

This is just precious.  

As a bird lover, it would be awesome to find a set of these. 

Not sure if this is Pyrex or something else, but I really loved the pattern. The shape looks like a Pyrex casserole dish so that may be what it is. Anybody know for sure?

I don't know why, but I am loving these brown coffee cups with flowers and gingham. Again with the tulips. Not sure why I am drawn to tulip patterns all of a sudden. 

I would love to find some cute little figurines this year at yard sales. I'm especially partial to lambs right now but don't know why. I just think they are cute.

I would also like to find a couple of vintage swans for my master bath. 

Are you looking forward to spring and hitting some yard sales? What will you be looking for?


Beth said...

The tulip dish is pyrex. I have one just like it. Most of my pyrex dishes I set up housekeeping with some 50 odd years ago.

Happy anniversary!

ThrifterSisters said...

That round casserole is a Pyrex promotional called Golden Tulip (I think). There is one sitting on the shelf at my local SVDP and has been for the last several weeks. It is not overpriced, just not very cute in person. And all the green patterned Glasbake? If you came thrifting with me in my area, you would find at least one piece at every single thrift we went too. IT IS EVERYWHERE:-)

Have a great day & keep on enjoying that awesome hubby of yours:-)


McGuffy Ann said...

This was a really cool post, like a walk down memory lane!

retired not tired said...

Great cups. Pyrex can be so versatile. I also loved the scarf hook up. I am back knitting although I don't have that type of wool available.

ColibriNB said...

Congrats on your 1st date anniversary. It's very heart warming that you found and still appreciate each other.
I think those mugs with the characters are very sweet. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I drink just about anything out of my mugs (water, milk, juice).
That Glasbake pattern is everywhere around here. This week at VV, they had 4 of these (in different shapes) and I saw 2 more at SA.
Sadly for me, no yard sales on the horizon around here - all yards are covered in snow.
Have a great day!

ColibriNB said...
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Kim said...

That is just the sweetest love story! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Patrice said...

I can't wait for yard sales. I also can't wait for my favorite thrift shop to reopen- they have heater problems. :(