Sunday's Songs and Signs

Our Pre-K Sunday School class was playing with their blocks and they were all trying to make "buildings" out of them so I was trying to teach them the song Working on a Building. But I couldn't remember the words. I found this on You Tube. I'm going to have to learn it for the next time we "work on a building" with our blocks.

However, they did sing My God is So Big last Sunday, so we got a little music in. And yes, my two granddaughters are in the video. Alexis is on the step with black top over white shirt and Shelby is on the stage part in the pink dress.

Saw some signs on Facebook and Pinterest this week that I really liked.


Gods Mercy

Praying to God: Mercy « Devoted2Prayer


tammy doane said...

Precious-I teach Wee Worship on Sunday Mornings and Whew-the little ones wire me out (12 of them this morning). But I love every minute of it!

Debbie Huffaker said...

God gave me two words for 2013, too. And, of course, I love that last sign!!! HOPE you have a blessed SONday!