Thoughts for Thursday

After much research, I found the right recipe for this chocolate graham cracker cake I saw on Pinterest. My schedule is finally getting back to normal so I'm going to make one of these this weekend. 

I love my children dearly and love the fact that they have a warped sense of humor just like me. I also love that they get my sarcasm. And the wonderful thing is that they married spouses who are just as warped as we are. Makes for a lot of fun and laughter at family gatherings. If you can't keep your sense of humor, I don't know how you can survive.

There were some gorgeous photos posted on Facebook this past week by Donna's Corner.  You should check out her page. I fell in love with this and it is now the background on my laptop. Can't you just picture the Mom in the house. She just finished the laundry and now she is probably sweeping the floors. It must be a beautiful spring day since she has the window open for the cool breeze to blow through the house. I can almost smell an apple pie in the oven.

Isn't this a peaceful lovely setting for a church. Imagine spending a Sunday morning in a town where you could walk to church and this is the lane you would take to get there. Talk about a great way to start your day. 

I'm sure everyone has seen the survivor bracelets everywhere. But I had never seen them with photos before. How cool is that. 

I'm not sure who wrote this, but I'm convinced they were spying on me Monday because that is exactly how my day went. I'm still not sure I accomplished everything I set out to do. 

I cracked up at this one. I remember when Daddy taught us how to do Rock, Paper, Scissors. Sometimes, we would just set for a long time and do it for the fun of it...not to settle anything. It's a lot easier to understand than the Big Bang Theory favorite of rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock. 

But my favorite thing on Facebook this week was a picture posted on my wall by my cousin Patty. Talk about torture. She was in Kentucky and went in an antique store and found this. I see several things in there that I would love to have. But with that much to choose from, how would you ever decide. Still it is a gorgeous picture and I'm so glad she sent it to me.

Saw something else interesting in the recipe world. It is a white chocolate brownie. Since I don't like white chocolate anyway and the main reason I like brownies is because they are chocolate, I can't see me making this. I would probably rename it as the albino brownie. Looks more like vanilla fudge wrapped around white cake. 


Rachel said...

That antique store Patty posted is where I got my Pyrex chip and dip bowl set and my fridges. That is the one I was telling you about in Farmer KY. They have everything. I will have to try that choc graham cracker cake. Looks good!

Tracy said...

I think your description of the white chocolate brownie fits it perfectly.