Trying to Decide

Tomorrow is a busy day in Oak Ridge, TN. There are a couple of different estate sales going on. There will be one in Knoxville as well. I'm trying to decide if I want to fill up on gas and head that way. (Provided ice and snow heading our way is gone by then.) It would mean a really early start, but some of these just look like the type of sale a person could get lost in. Here are some of the pictures I saw that caught my eye.

I just fell in love with some of this furniture. Especially the little green desk and chair, though I must say I would paint it a sea blue and put it in the grandkids/beach room. And wouldn't that white dresser be perfect for silverware, table linens and storage in a big farmhouse kitchen.

I love the little blue night stand over by the big blue dresser. A little too much blue with the dresser, but I adore the night stand. 

Check out the vintage picnic baskets. It is rare to find one, much less what appears to be 5 or 6 of them.

I have no idea what you would call this piece of furniture. The top looks like a cedar chest since it opens with hinges on top. Then there is the little drawer and a set of doors. Very interesting. 

You know I would have to check out the tea cups. I see a Royal Dalton Old Country Roses on the front left corner. I have the tea pot and two cups/saucers. I would love to add another teacup/saucer to my set. 

I have had so many punch bowl sets in my lifetime. I buy the cheap ones, then never can find anywhere to store them and they don't get much use so I end up yard selling them. But if I had one like this, I would definitely hang on to it. And check out the little crystal dessert cups on stems to the right of the punch bowl. 

This picture is sorta strange but for some reason, I took a fancy to it. 

I love cuckoo clocks but they drive hubby, well, cuckoo. If I had one, he would never let me wind it! Seriously, I did have a little one he bought me years ago in Helen, GA and over the years it quit working so I got rid of it. It was one of those little colorful Swiss Alps type ones. I wish I had kept it just for the look.

Check out the chenille bedspread. You don't see those much anymore. I always did like them. 

What a neat set of Christmas ware. 

I would lay money that this Sunbeam mixer still works. And check out the little snack plate set with cups to the left of the mixer. 

Speaking of snack plates and cups. I am guessing this family did a LOT of entertaining. 

I love this picture for two reasons....It reminds me of me and my sister and it reminds me of my granddaughters, Alexis and Shelby. Not in looks but in sentiment. Two precious little girls who love each other. 

And my oh my, I do believe I see some fridgies in this picture. It looks like one may even be a butterprint pattern but not sure. 

Somebody really liked the Corelle blue cornflower pattern.

Check out the vintage Tupperware in the orange, yellow and avocado green. 

I fell in love with the cake plate, dessert plates and server all to match. Awesome.

And I see PYREX. I would drive all the way to Oak Ridge if I knew I could get the light green casserole dish with the matching mini one on the front right corner. And that might be another butterprint pattern behind it. And if you look close, on the extreme right is a 3 piece Cinderella set but I can't tell what pattern. My oh my, what goodies.

Now, just to decide if I want to drive that far on the off chance that I might just maybe get lucky and find something worth the trip. If I knew the lovely Pyrex could be mine at a reasonable price, I would head out in a heart beat. I really hate the idea of driving that far by myself but I don't want to not go and then think "I should've, could've, would've." Oh well, guess I will just have to sleep on it. If my sister and my cousins were here, they would go with me I am sure. 


Patrice said...

I want to go too!

Rachel said...

I would go in a heartbeat. I would buy that Christmas ware in a minute. I love it! I am making Elizabeth a quilt so I will be quilting tomorrow. Snowed in with my quilting, a pot of coffee my new movie I just got and plenty of snacks. My idea of heaven! Have a good day! ⛄