Tulip Tuesday

Last week, I discovered the tulip pattern on Glasbake kitchen items. I fell in love.

Then I saw this on Craigs List. The whole set of vintage Tulip bowls.  And I realized tulips may be one of my "new things" this year. 

I love this little bowl with the blue tulips. 

And fresh tulips in teacups. 

I absolutely fell in complete love with this little glass candy dish. It is so precious. 

And what about this little bowl. Love the sunflower and tulip together. 

I love vintage linens and this is a popular pattern from the 40's and 50's.

I wouldn't mind having a little locket like this. 

And this single tulip necklace is adorable. 

Since I love birds, these earrings just spoke to me. 

I do not remember Corelle having this pattern, but I found this cereal bowl on E-bay. 

This is a really dainty cute tulip bracelet.

The lady that made these called them fabric tulips. They look more like rose buds to me, but I still like them. 

Another vintage linen that I wouldn't mind finding somewhere. 

But my favorite of all was this table with the tulips in the vintage bottles. I SO want to do this look. My only problem is finding a vintage tablecloth to fit. I need 102" and you just don't see them that big anymore. I'm considering taking the middle leaf out of the table and only put it in when the kids come over. I just need to talk hubby into it because he likes the big long table. I am going to start collecting little vintage clear bottles to put some tulips in so I can get this look. 

I already have a start on the bottles. I bought this one last year at a yard sale and never could really find  a good use for it. I put lotion in it for awhile, but I had a hard time getting it to come out so I just abandoned that idea and held onto the bottle. Now I will be able to use it. 

Have a great Tuesday.


Debbie Huffaker said...

I have one of those in the second picture, with a lid. Again...it came from Mamaw's. Not long after she passed away, Mom gave it to me. I <3 it!!

Beth said...

Some beautiful things!

Kim said...

It sounds to me like you have Spring Fever - craving the site of tulips instead of winters blanket!

Mary said...

Lovin' all the tulips! Do I see a new collection in the future? :~)