Weekend Wrap Up

You can tell the holidays are finally over and I'm slowing down some because I didn't have one of those hectic crazy weekends. I went shopping a little Saturday but all I bought was some nail polish that I do not like. When it dries it has no gloss look to it. It looks like flat house paint. On the way to take my daughter home from shopping, we stopped at a stop sign and these were across the road.

Only in Sevier County will you see peacocks walking along the road. I went and picked up Garret and Alexis to stay all night with me Saturday. Alexis was chilled after her bath so she had to borrow my robe and wrap up in my favorite blankie till her teeth stopped chattering. I mean literally chattering. We had it about 78 degrees but she still was freezing.


Garret decided to get me addicted to Dragon City, a game on Facebook. I must say...it worked. I never knew a Facebook game could be so addictive. Only problem is he went back home and now I've got a couple of things I can't figure out. He's just going to have to come back and give me more training. I am doing pretty good catching on, but there are still some gray areas I don't understand.

We went to church yesterday morning. Last week I sent some soup home from the Thirty-One party with one of my friends for her hubby and son's supper. They returned the empty containers yesterday. In the south, it is customary to never return a dish empty. So when I picked up my containers, one of them had some of my favorite cookies in them. They were delicious. 

 I made some brownies for the kids when they were over Saturday night. When I got back from taking them home, I decided I wanted some icing on them. So I made the icing from the Texas Sheet Cake recipe and put it on the brownies. It was delicious.

We had a gospel group, The Michael Frost Trio at church last night. Shelby wanted to go with me to hear them. I just loved her outfit. Both of my granddaughters are so stylish. 

How cheap am I? Well, this is one of my favorite pairs of my assorted wild reading glasses. You will notice on the lower left hand side of the frame, they have been hot glued back together (I didn't have super glue at the time). Well, the sad part is they were just $1.00 and I glued them (not very good I might add) rather than replace them. But, I do love the frames and they are one of my favorite pairs of my Dollar Tree reading glasses. 

I saw an awesome idea on Pinterest the other day and I'm going to do it for my spring table decor. It involves bottle. As I was going through some things this weekend, I found this little bottle I bought last year. It was just ,25 cents. I didn't have a clue what I would do with it, but I bought it because I loved it and it was cheap. But now I have a use for it. Stay tuned tomorrow to see how I'm going to use it.

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Clairity said...

I love nail polish. You can always get a bottle of gloss/top coat to add some shine :)

I too believe in never returning an empty dish. It's only polite :)

Your brownies look yums. I do need to get cracking on making some. My kids and I have been talking about it since New Year's LOL.