A great idea....

I saw something the other day and I decided to try it. First, I found an old cassette tape that I didn't use any more. 

I took the cover insert out and was left with just the blank case. 

Then I got out a piece of scrap felt from another project. 

And measured the size of the spine on the cassette box. 

I cut out the strip the size of the spine. 

I placed it inside the spine and pushed it firmly into place. 

I sat it down with the box on the bottom and the flat part tilted upward and moved it to my desk.

It is now the perfect place to put my cell phone while I work. I have a bad habit of covering it up with paper when it is on my desk. This makes it easy to see. In addition, I have a land line I use at home, but when my cell phone is on the desk I have to move papers and pick it up to see who is calling. Now it will be put on the corner of my desk so when it rings, I can see who is calling and I can have it charging while I work so it is still near me. I love it. 

And the whole process of making it was faster than what it took to take the pictures. 

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everythingsewing said...

That has got to be the best thing I have seen!! Thank you so much for sharing, I am off to make one!