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It's a gloomy cold day in our town. We are under a winter weather advisory through 10:00 this morning, but it is supposed to stay breezy and cold with a chance for a wintry mix tonight. How do they expect me to get in a spring decorating mood with all the ups and downs in our weather.

Since it is cold and dreary, I thought I would do some Pinterest prowling. This is an awesome idea for any gathering with children. Who am I kidding, I know some adults who would love to do this as well. Balloon Rockets. Run some string across the room through a straw. Tape the straw to a blown up balloon, untied. Release the balloon and watch it rocket across the room.

Rainy, cold day inside? Cut up some poster board and make "rain puddles". Make a game of jumping from puddle to puddle. This looks like fun. I wonder if I could talk hubby into going through the kitchen that way?

This would be so much fun for summertime out in the yard. Cut a pool noodle down the middle long ways. Hold them up and slide marbles down them into a box. You could make a race out of this really easy. For shorter kids, you could cut them off so they aren't too tall for them to put the marbles in. 

Our Sunday School Pre-K class loves when we make anything that includes pipe cleaners. Of course they get so involved playing with the pipe cleaners that the teachers usually make all their crafts. But it is still fun.

I received my new wristlet yesterday. I am absolutely loving the red polka dots. Red has always been my favorite color.  

I actually had ordered four total for some others. Here are all four of them together. These are just too adorable for words.  

I also received 3 new mini-zipper pouches. I can't decide which one I like the best, but these things come in so handy. 

Here is the mini zipper with the zipper pouch. What a cute set. Makes me think of spring. 

Speaking of spring, tomorrow is March 1st and I want to decorate for Easter....even if it is snowing outside. I gathered a few of my things. Check out the wrought iron piece on the bottom. I bought this for $1 at a yard sale last year and it has been in the closet ever since. I just fell in love with it but didn't have a clue what to do with it. Inspiration hit yesterday. Come back tomorrow for a look at how I am going to use it in the kitchen. 

Now that I have a game plan, I'm ready to get started. 

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