These are a few of my favorite things...

I love Thirty-One. I'm going to a meeting today and can't wait to see what are amenity is. We always get great products for attending the meeting. I got to unpack an order this week that had some really cool items. Thought I'd share some of my faves today. 

I love this little piggy coin purse. 

His little curly tail on the back was too precious. 

I've been trying to decide if I want an organizing shoulder bag. I wasn't sure. My daughter has one and I've been growing to like it. Then I saw this pattern in it and have decided it is going on my wish list. 

Same purse in a beautiful gray. And that lavender initials just sets it off. Love this one as well. 

This new cosmetic bag with a coordinating zipper pouch is just too cute in the Woodblock Floral pattern. It's one of my favorite new patterns. 

This was the first time I got to see a bag in person that had the new collegiate logos. They are awesome. 

This organizing pack turned out really nice with the personalization. It is going to replace a diaper bag for a toddler. What a great idea. 

I am loving the new Your Way collection. This cube is gorgeous in the new Party Punch pattern. 

The Easy Breezy tote will be a favorite for the beach this year. I'm thinking about getting one of these in the Island Damask pattern. They are perfect for holding plenty of towels, lotions and a good book for a day at the beach. 

This is probably my favorite item of the party. I love the Cindy Tote anyway, but this new railroad denim with the orange lettering turned out gorgeous. 

My other most favorite item is this Organizing Utility Tote for baseball games. 

I use one of the Organizing Utility Totes to carry my crafts and goodies to Sunday School class for Pre-K. It is an older pattern and has my initials on it. But seeing this gave me an idea for a new one for my Pre-K SS class. I'm getting one in black from the Spirit Collection. I'm going to have the crown icon-it on the background in lavender and then in platinum lettering I'm going to have it monogrammed with Kids of the King. I can't wait to order it. I hope it turns out as great as this one did.  

Remember my Inside Out Tote I earned for free? Well, here is the same bag in the Lotsa Dots/Island Damask pattern. This Island Damask is probably my favorite of all the new patterns. 

Now that I have actually seen one of the Retro Metro Wallets, I am going to have to get me one. 

They are super soft and have plenty of room.  

My other wish list item is the new Keep It Caddy. I think I'll order my Organizing Utility Tote this month so I can add this little cutie onto my order for just $5.00. I love a bargain. 

I love the assorted pockets on the back and the ends. 

I love the way this zipper pouch turned out. Isn't it cool how her initials when monogrammed like this end up being aBc. Love it. It's going to make a little girl very happy.

The turquoise pop pattern sure makes a neat zipper pouch. I love these big zipper pouches. I want one for my bible to go in to put in my new bag when I get it. 

I need a new thermal tote and I think I might get this pattern. It is so whimsical with the combination of patterns on the front. 

And this pattern on the back. This one was just too cute for words.  

What is your favorite Thirty-One product or pattern?


Patrice said...

That piggy is adorable!

everythingsewing said...

I don't know how I could pick a favorite. All the colors are wonderful. I think a thermal one for summer would sure come in handy. I also have been thinking of getting a tote to take my sewing to classes.
Hard decision.