Things I'm not too sure about.....

There are some things that I see that just make me say "Hmm, I don't think so." 

One is Turducken. Yuck. I can't even begin to comprehend how horrible that is. I went to find a picture of one, but the ones that were sliced open were so gross I thought I better not share it. I do not like my food to touch on my plate. Why in the world would I want it stuffed inside everything before I eat it. Just let me say again...YUCK!

Valentine's Junior Mints. Now you all know that I adore Junior Mints. I'm obsessed with having two candy dishes full of them at all times. One in the living room and one in my office. And if I do run out (shuddering at the thought) I pace until I can get to the store to get more (can we say ADDICTION?) But the other day, I saw where they have made special Junior Mints for Valentine's Day. I picked up the box to show hubby. And almost gagged. The inside of the heart shaped Junior Mints is red...like a bleeding heart. Gross! Come on Junior Mint company do you really think this is an attractive box?

While this may be an attractive look for models who have nothing to do but stand around and pose in the dress, how comfortable could this be? I would spend all night tugging it down to make sure my hiney is not exposed only to immediately pull it back up to make sure nothing is happening on the topside.

Does this give new meaning to the phrase "knee high boots." I have short legs and if I bought these, they wouldn't be knee high....they would be pretty close to hiney high. Not to mention they are kind of hideous. 

Like any women in the world, I like to occasionally think of myself as the Queen of the World...at least for a brief moment in time. But this bedroom would seriously cause sleepless nights. I would be afraid the big crown would fall off the wall and onto my head during the night. Of course, that would give new meaning to the word "Crowned".

I love high heels as well as the next gal, but seriously could you ever drive around in public in this?

What strange things are going on in your world today?


Kim said...

This post is too funny. I agree, those red junior mints are gross. But I have always wanted to try a turducken :)

Mary said...

Oh my Brenda, last time you spoke of Junior Mints I found myself in Walgreen's buying the biggest box I could find. Hear I go again! teehee..I don't think those young ladies care if their hiney shows or not!!

Mary said...

PS..If I keep eating Junior Mints I will be more worried about my fat showing than my hiney! bahahaha

Patrice said...

I just don't get it anymore! The turkey/duck/chicken thing makes me think that people should stop playing with their food, shut up, and eat! Wouldn't you agree? As for the dresses, Wendell wouldn't recognize me. Maybe I can get him one and he can wear it as a hat!!!

thewovenspoke said...

I have had turduckten once and it was awesome! Melts in your mouth a bit rich for regular eating.