A familiar face....

If you have ever been around the railroad world in southeastern West Virginia, you will recognize this little kitten. This is Chessie, the darling of the C and O Railroad. Her name is a derivative of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. She's been around since 1933 and is a much loved icon of the railway industry.

Chessie | by Guido Grunwald----    This is from my childhood.  My grandfather and aunt worked for the Chessie System/C  I have a copy of this :)

As the years went by, the C and O became the Chessie System and Chessie image was incorporated in the new logo which was referred to as the Ches-C. 

Coal mining country throughout West Virginia grew very familiar with their beloved little kitten. It was a familiar site as you traveled through the small towns and villages. Many times you would get stopped by a train coming through town and you would watch as the familiar logo rolled by. 

Over time, it became CSX when the Chessie System merged with Seaboard. Chessie's image was removed and the new logo was formed. 

But Chessie lovers still adore their little cat. I wish she was still on the trains. It was an end of an era when they removed her and made it CSX.

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