An easy day...

My friend Sherrie and I went to McKay's yesterday evening. I found a new set of Susan Mallery books. 

This series is about three sisters and each book is one of the sisters. Being a sister myself, I love series books that features sisters. I started the first one last night. Like all her books, it is hard to put down. 

Of course since I had a new book to read and hubby was at work, I needed a good snack to go with my book. So I made a little batch of brownies. 

Which went perfect with an ice cold glass of milk. I always pour my milk in the glass and keep it in the fridge about 20 minutes before I'm ready to drink it. That way it is really, really cold. It was great. 

I got a neat little surprise in the mail this weekend. It was this beautiful calendar of roadside flowers in West Virginia, my home state. It was in a plain manila envelope with no return address. My niece Lori sends me stuff sometimes with no notes and no return address, but I checked and it wasn't her. I asked Mom and she didn't know who sent it. Then I noticed the postmark was from Kodak, TN. So I can't even begin to figure out who sent it. But a big hug and big thanks to whoever did. I love it. 

What was cool was that July was from Lincoln County. My brother lived there for many years and I have friends that live there now so it was pretty neat to see one of the backroads featured in the calendar. Again, thanks to my mystery mailer. 

On another note, I am a app fanatic on my phone. I'm constantly thinking of things and wondering if their is an app for it. My favorite commercial right now is the McDonald's fish bites commercial. I love when they sing "Fishy FishA" and the lips move. So me being me, I had to go see if there was an app. Sure enough there was. It's called MouthOff McDonald's. And it works just like on TV. You can pick from four types of lips and just sing or talk. Of course, I am constantly doing "Fishy FishA" for hubby. It's the child in me. 

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Creations By Cindy said...

Brownies and milk look yummy this morning to me! Hugs and blessings, Cindy